Apple's Halo Effect



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Mac and PC can work side by side with little to no problems depending on the work flow. But for maximum efficiency, all computers in the office need to be of the same platform. (Obviously, I would favor the Mac over the PC in any computing situation, personal or business) If everyone in the office runs on Mac, the office would run smoothly. If everyone in the entire enterprise runs Mac OS, the entire company can run smoothly.

Like I said, depending on workflow, you might get away with using a IBM server, a couple PC's in the tech department and the rest of the office running Mac. But for a truly efficient workspace, the entire operation has to be one platform from top to bottom. Meaning the whole company needs to run Mac servers, Mac desktops, Mac notebooks and for the companies that are willing to go the extra mile, even Mac phones for truly seamless workflow with the Mac.

We all dream of such a place where Mac is in every home and work place and the PC is almost non existant. The "Halo Effect" that the iPod and iPhone is conveying to the world is doing its job.

Overall, good article that places hope in those who dream of a world where Mac, truly, is superior.



At home it might be a good idea to use a single platform, but in the enterprise it's actually smarter to use several platforms to mitigate the risks associated with a single platform. If a PC virus spreads across your enterprise then the Macs and other machines should be safe and likewise if a Mac update takes out your Macs then your other non-Mac machines should be fine. Going with a single platform may be easier for the technicians to support, but it's not a smart move. A smart enterprise deploys multiple platforms and finds cross platform solutions.

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