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I'd have to disagree on the "Move or Delete Multiple Items" tip. Apple touts this as a "faster way" to accomplish this task as well, but in real life, how much time is saved in tapping each and every email, versus swiping each email and tapping "Archive" or "Delete"? I suppose it depends on how slow your swipes are, because that's the deciding factor in your timings.

I think the tip could be refined to be said that "If you have IMAP/iOS set to Archive messages by default (swipe would give you the "Archive" choice only); then this would be a much faster way to actually delete or move a mass of emails, rather than archive them all. (BTW, that's sort of a superfluous choice -- either way you're moving the emails to a folder, or you're moving them to the Trash. Apple must keep it intuitive, though.)

A tactic that I employ, is I choose an email to start on, skimming it, and quickly deciding if it's Trash, or I'd like to keep it in my Inbox to come back and read with more attention (or archive it to a specific folder). If it's Trash, it's just a quick one-two if you've set to Archive -- tap the "folder+downarrow" icon, then tap "Trash" (in essence, you're just "moving it" to the Trash). This, (simply IMO) is more intuitive, as you're looking at the content, and are deciding in that moment: "Should I archive this, or is this headed to the Trash?" -- as soon as you decide, it's 1 button press (to Archive or skip to the next message), or two... either way, pretty quick... and you don't have to go back through your emails a second time on the main list to remember what you wanted to do with each individual one.

Do you know what I just realized is NOT an effective time-saver?

Reading this rambling, immaterial post that I somehow lost connection with somewhere along the line. Damn ADD.

Tips! Yeah! Remember?! Right on...

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