What Say the Cards? The Future of Tech According to Tarot



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I like the sentiment of this article - and the tarot app looks useful as long as you disregard the provided interpretations. Still it's reassuring that there's an app out there I can use when my parents have helpfully put all my decks into storage.

Because I'm a tarot geek, I decided to give interpreting the first reading a shot:

The Apple reading:
At the moment Apple is looking for a new approach to the problems they're facing and their current challenge is to either find the next innovative solution, or to get the courage to implement it (judgement crossing 9 of wands)

The decision to find a new approach has it's roots in Apple's awareness of the circumstances and decisions behind it's success - this knowledge of self allows it to continue on the most financially stable path possible. (9 of pentacles)

Showing the Emperor in the recent past could be a sign of Steve Jobs' medical leave, or even just the guidance he has provided to the company's direction in the past; some interpret this card to represent the legal and social arenas also. (The Emperor)

They are moving into uncharted territory; although what they've achieved so far is a good thing (represented by the Cups), to maintain that hold they need to keep innovating, and perhaps even leave something or someone behind. (8 of cups)

The 10 of cups falling in the near future position suggests that things will go well, at least for the moment. The World reversed in the position of self gives me that Apple is making an attempt to learn from the past so it can make the best possible decisions. With the Magician in the card of environment, it is evident that they have the skills and control to take the needed action; it is conscious, unified strength - not a hasty panic reaction.

The Page of Cups is traditionally a card of inspiration and fantasy - in the hopes and fears position it suggests anxiety about whether a project is feasible or merely a pipe dream. (In this position, the reversal of the card is irrelevant).

With the likely outcome as the 7 of cups reversed, it seems that Apple will keep trying to make their "dreams" a reality until they get it right. But we already knew they were determined, didn't we?

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