iPhone 3GS Overheating?



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I experienced such overheating in my new iPhone 3G S that it was not only unbearable to hold, but to even touch after syncing it with my computer, I did not notice any discoloration, but that doesn't mean there was none. I hope Apple fixes this! And BTW I haven't been getting my magazine, I've been have to buy them in the store while I have a subscription! SO FIX THIS, PLEEEEEASE!!!!!!!



I noticed this overheating just today. I was using a 3G network and the Google Maps App (I assume it uses the GPS feature). I definitely noticed a sharp rise in the heat on the upper back of the unit, though I've seen no swelling or discoloration. BTW, I have the 3GS 16 GB. I hope this is not a serious problem.

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