100,000 Bento Users Can't Be Wrong and Tech Writer Ditches Vista for Mac

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100,000 Bento Users Can't Be Wrong and Tech Writer Ditches Vista for Mac


Bento database a hit: Customers downloaded 100,000 copies of Bento in just 30 days. The FileMaker program allows users to easily create database files.


Ripping CDs is piracy: The RIAA, in its PR effort to makes friends with everyone, argues that any transfer of songs that has not been explicitly approved is illegal. They should get tons of responses to their New Years party Evite.


Harry Potter and the Missing iPod Video: The latest Harry Potter special edition DVD set come bundled with a "Digital Copy" of the film. Unfortunately for iPod users, it's a Windows Media file. Suddenly, it's not so special.


Tech writer ditches Vista for Mac: Let's just left the author explain this, "I recently tried out Vista on what would have been the new ThinkPad notebook I would have bought to run it. It was all I needed to convince myself I have done the right thing by buying a MacBook. Millions of Vista users are not so lucky."


ProRemote controls Pro Tools with iPhone: If your mixing board or Mac are too far away to justify adjusting the mix of an audio file, ProRemote is here to help you. So continue lounging audio engineers, you deserve it!



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It is considered criminal to share ripped music, and honestly, I have no argument with that tenet. But the article states, and the RIAA has publicly insinuated, that simply ripping music (the inference is even for personal use/consumption since it states "any transfer of songs") is copyright infringement. I completely disagree. I didn't buy a blank CD, I bought the music. The CD is simply the medium for delivery of my purchased content. If I choose to transfer the music to a different medium for my own personal, non-sharing use, what crime have I committed?

Apparently, 3600 of them or so according to the RIAA...or possibly double that since they're originally on my computer and on my iPod. So I'm getting 7200 years in prison for listening to music I legally and genuinely purchased over the past 10? Nah, they don't want to put me or anyone else in jail, they want our paychecks!!! Two words for the RIAA - the words are NOT happy birthday...



Re-read the copyright laws (I don't think you did in the first place anyway) but you DID NOT buy the music! You bought that instance of that music on that particular CD, nothing else. No right to copy, backup, separate content, edit... nothing.

Anything else assumed or presumed is just that to the letter of the law. There's nothing actually legislated regarding "fair use" either. It's an accepted practice but not the law.



I downloaded the Bento preview so I'm 1 of the 100,000. I used it for all of 10 minutes before I realized it was crap and quickly removed it and all its preferences from my system.

My point is, just because it's been downloaded 100,000 times doesn't make it "a hit". Let's see how many people download it when they start charging for the product.

Personally, I think this will be an extremely small market.

My $.02.



I tried Bento, as well, and dropped it quickly. Templates are easily edited, but the -names- of the templates are not. So, you can edit a "Customer List" to be some other kind of contact manager, but it will still be named "Customer List"... dumb.

Also, while I love my new iMac, I have to say that iCal and Address Book are not thrilling applications. I'm pretty committed to Google Calendar, and I like Thunderbird and its integrated address book well enough to keep them. If you're at all like me, two of the major features of Bento are useless.

They should either upgrade the abilities of Bento, or create something between Bento and FileMaker Pro, maybe at a 90-120 dollar range.



I'm seeing a few complaints about this app, but a few things occur to me.

#1 - It's new. There are always a few things that the designers didn't think of or weren't able to implement with the first version. Remember the first iTunes?

#2 - It's a trial version. The real deal doesn't show until January, which suggests that they might not be quite finished with it yet.

#3 - Input is always good. No offense, but I see complaints here tied with statements like, "Oh, tried it, don't like it, not gonna use it again because it doesn't have this and that."

It might be more effective to drop a line to the guys who make this, give a few suggestions or something on what it needs to make it worth buying.


Nigel Incubator Jones

Yes the first iTunes was basic, but we're in the 21st century now, a time when people actually expect software to be FINISHED before being sent to market.

Isn't it interesting that nobody can find a compelling use for Bento?
I've read every report/review that I could find and not one reviewer actually used it to do anything remotely worth the price tag.

50 bucks to catalog your teapot collection?
I don't think so.

The Address Book/iCal/Mail trio needs something (please!!!) to pull it all together, and if they are pitching Bento as that Something, well, we're just going to have to wait until version 2 or 3 or 4.
Or a complete rewrite like Aperture went through.

Apple - we expect better.



This is very sloppy writing you took someone elses view point on the RIAA legal arguement. If you read the brief linked to the origanal artical. You find that the charge is that the ripped tracks were stored in a shared kaz folder open to anyone serching the internet for shared files in kaz folders. Also the accused are supposed to have distrbuted the coywrited work to anyone who wanted it over the net. This if true is very basic copyright crime. Do your home work and read the underling documents before passing on someone elses opion/views.



Culd you by a spell cheker befour you post on webcites? I cant stop laffing. Mebbe you culd go to skool.



The RIAA is a group of sexagenarians who take music, an art form, and pass it off as a commodity at the lowest common denominator. If I were in a higher position, I would abolish this entity immediately. In other cultures, music is for everyone to enjoy and take part in, not something to sell and rip people off with!



Allows QuickTime to read WMV files. It might/might not work with the format the DVD uses (Flip4Mac doesn't work with some types of DRM).
Using QuickTime pro or another video converting application you could easily convert it.

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