100,000 SDK Betas Downloaded, Then Hacked and Rush Gets Apples Attention

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100,000 SDK Betas Downloaded, Then Hacked and Rush Gets Apples Attention


iPhone 2.0 hacked: Well, it was bound to happen. The iPhone SDK has been hacked to allow you to run any application, and to unlock the phone. The iPhone Dev Team states that this is a true unlock, and not a jailbreak solution.


SDK downloads hit 100k: Apple reports that in four days, 100,000 iPhone developers have downloaded the iPhone SDK. Hey it's free, download away.


Rush Limbaugh complains, Apple fixes: Rush complained, Apple sent out an engineer. Squeaky wheel people, squeaky wheel.


4 billion iTunes tracks sold: Apple has sold 4 billion iTunes tracks. We suspect a good portion of those are "White and Nerdy" by Weird Al.


Game developers attracted to iPhone: Expect to never put your iPhone down again. Game developers are lining up to release iPhone games that will rival Nintendo DS and Sony PSPs offerings.


iPod sparks, Japan panics: The Japanese trade and industry ministry has instructed Apple to find out why a single, older generation iPod, shot out sparks while charging.




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So, how long before I can expect to see Day of the Tentacle ported to the iPhone? At just under 9 megs for the whole game and functioning using a simple point-and-click interface, it seems like the perfect match!


Roberto Baldwin

OMG if those two games were on the iPhone. Well, I'd just cry tears of joy.



Anonymous Coward

17 year olds? Doubtful. More likely it's the 12 and 13 year olds.



what 12 year-old has an iPhone?

That's just plain WRONG in my book!

kids should be climbing trees... (and so should more adults, too!)



Hey, I'm one of those people, minus the whining part... It's just fun to play around with I guess.


Ron in Ann Arbor

And here's to betting half of those downloads were 17 year old noobs who ignored warnings and thought that the developers SDK was something for their own iPHones -- and then posting on all the iPhone forums (including Apple's own) complaining that it was only for developers after spending an hour downloading, despite everyone else telling them NOT to download. It wasn't for them. This is misleading information released by Apple to be sure.

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