10.5.2 Fixes 76 Bugs and Apple Hiring Multi-Touch Engineer

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10.5.2 Fixes 76 Bugs and Apple Hiring Multi-Touch Engineer


10.5.2 due in Jan: Keep on the lookout for 10.5.2 in time for the Mac Expo. Hopefully it'll fix that weird bug we like to call Stacks.


CNBC chooses Apple: Just because NBC/Universal is having a spat with Apple over the iTunes Store's pricing doesn't mean its cable channels can't use Apple products for their shows.


Corporations grow to love iPhone: Corporate America is slowly catching iPhone fever. While the lack of push email will hinder the device's complete acceptance, the cool factor is winning the hearts of business people everywhere.


Google Android plagued with bugs?: Developers are getting frustrated with the SDK for Google's mobile phone open source OS, Android. A big issue is the lack of public issue-tracking.


Multi-touch Mac employment: If you happen to be a multi-touch reliability engineer Apple is looking for you. This bodes well for a multi-touch notebook. Of course, it can also be an iPhone position.




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What is up with all the Sony and Microsoft advertizing on this site? I doubt I will buy a subscription to the magazine if it is trying to sell me anything with M$ on it.



I love stacks, I think is great! It would be a shame is Apple axed it.



They wont kill stacks. they'll just add new options.... like the one they took away.

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