Feature: 12 Top iPod Speaker Stands

Feature: 12 Top iPod Speaker Stands



Leaving on a jet plane? On the road to nowhere? Take your iPod with you and fill your hotel room with your favorite songs. Here are three sets of travel speakers that can fit in your luggage and ease your journey down any long and winding road.


Travel alarm clock with sleep functions and better-than-decent sound quality.


iBoom Travel

Available in black or white, the DLO iBoom Travel is not only a speaker rig, it's also an alarm clock. Instead of putting your faith in the clock on the hotel nightstand, you can pack your own alarm.


Measuring 8.75 by 4.75 by 2.25 inches and weighing about a pound, the iBoom Travel comes with a travel pouch and is small enough to stash in an overnight bag. It can run off four AA batteries or a power adapter, and it also has an FM radio. The sleep function lets you drift off to music for 15 to 120 minutes before it automatically shuts off.


Although the sound is quite clean, it lacks warmth and can't hit high notes. But the bass is decent and the midrange tones are good for such small speakers. You can find smaller travel speakers, but they won’t sound as good as the iBoom Travel. The only things missing are a port for connecting to a Mac, video-out for a TV connection, and a remote control.


iBoom Travel






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Powerful portable speaker that’s priced right.


AudioStation Express

Of the three systems tested in this category, the Logitech AudioStation Express has the best sound. It can reach high volumes without distortion, its bass drops heavily, and it has excellent warmth. The only place where the audio falters is the high treble sound. But for most popular music, the AudioStation Express simply rocks.


You'll probably want to put the AudioStation Express in your checked luggage - at 11.75 by 4.75 by 3.31 inches, it may be a bit big to lug onto the plane. The speaker has a video-out jack, but no Mac connection. The remote lets you adjust the volume and change tracks, but it didn't work if we moved more than 45 degrees from the center of the speaker. The AudioStation Express lacks a clock and alarm, but you do have the option of using six AA batteries instead of a power adapter.


AudioStation Express






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Compact speaker system that's on the pricey side but sounds great.


i-Station 8

With its eight - that's right, we said eight - 1.25-inch speaker drivers and a built-in 2.5-inch subwoofer, the Logic3 i-Station 8 adds some panache to your room at the Holiday Inn. The drivers (2 watts each) and the 8-watt subwoofer fit inside a 7.8-by-8.5-by-3-inch box that you can pack inside a typical carry-on bag.


The i-Station 8 doesn't have a clock or a radio; it's strictly an iPod speaker and dock, complete with composite and S-Video connectors for a TV connection, and a 30-pin dock connector so you can use your iPod cable to connect to your Mac. Don't feel like packing the power adapter? Use six AA batteries instead. This li'l unit's speakers pack a lot of punch, with thumping bass response and good overall sound that'll fill a standard-size bedroom.


The i-Station 8's biggest downside is its status LCD. If you dock an iPod that's set to a song you want to hear, the i-Station 8 automatically sends you to the main iPod menu. Once you find your song again, however, the LCD displays your song's title, which is helpful from about 15 feet when you're using the remote control. But the LCD's pixelated display looks a bit cheap - and at $180, the i-Station 8 certainly isn't.








BONUS: More Travel Speakers

Logic3's i-Station 3 is about half the size of the i-Station 8. ezGear's ezSound 2.1 Speaker System can fit in a cargo pants pocket. And Altec Lansing's inMotion iM3 can slip into the side pocket of a notebook case.




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