16GB iPhone Selling Like Hot Cakes, Avid Goes After FCP and More iPhone News

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16GB iPhone Selling Like Hot Cakes, Avid Goes After FCP and More iPhone News


16GB sales leader: According to I4U News, the 16GB iPhone topped online Apple Store sales the last week of March. The 16GB's success and the 8GB iPhone being heavily discounted in Germany, is leading many to believe the 8GB model will be phased out soon.


10.5.3 builds seeded: Apple is seeding successive builds of 10.5.3 to developers earlier than usual. Apple's usual course is to distribute the builds days before a public release.


Avid gears up for video editing battle: Avid finally takes notice of Final Cut Pro eating away at its user base. It only took them eight years.


iPhone 2.0 firmware features: Developers searching the inner sanctum of iPhone firmware 2.0, have uncovered features many users have been eagerly awaiting. Stereo Bluetooth streaming and printing from the device are supported along with the VoIP over Wi-Fi support that was discussed at the SDK roadmap event.


Everyone vs. the iPhone: Mobile phone makers and wireless service providers are gearing up for an all-out war against the iPhone and AT&T. Expect more commercials with hip-hop tracks, dancing and glowing in the coming months.


Pogo first look: AT&T has been working on a new browser called Pogo. The browser aims to change how we surf the internet with 3D displays and a Cover Flow-like visual history. Check out Electronista's first look of the browser.


And finally: Battlestar Galactica returns tonight. Find out what the frak is going on.



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Have you heard the latest? There's a new version of the wheel being beta tested. It's shaped like a triangle and looks cool. God, it's just so beautiful. I wonder if it will catch on?


The web needs browsers that adhere to standards, not frigging coverflow. It's as if these developers have no idea how people use the web.



Maybe you all did not catch the fact that POGO will only work with windows, this is MAClife right?


Roberto Baldwin

Mac and Linux versions are in the works.

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