20-inch iMac Screens Disappoint, Apple Won't Quash iPhone Hacks, and More

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20-inch iMac Screens Disappoint, Apple Won't Quash iPhone Hacks, and More


iPhone-Free News Zone: We're going to start with non-iPhone news, because...well, you know. There's just more going on. In hardware news, for example, some early buyers of the new 20-inch aluminum iMacs are complaining that the screens are low quality and hard to get true color on. Apple's forums have been buzzing with the screen-related gripes, but of course it's been mostly drowned out by the recent iPhone frenzy. (Oh wait, we're not talking about the iPhone yet.) And in software news, Adobe is bringing some of its products to the masses, hopefully without cannibalizing sales of its pro software lines. After the launch of its free online "video remixing" tool Premiere Express (available on YouTube, Photobucket, and MTV.com), Adobe has confirmed development of Photoshop Express, a free online photo editor.


In gaming news, EVE Online, an outer-space MMORPG is coming to the Mac, although no prices or release dates have been announced yet. And speaking of outer space, who's ready for another TRON movie? I know this guy is. And on the great wide InterWeb, a group of moderators at Mac Serial Junkie, an underground online community, were shut out of the site because they were caught planning a coup to take over the domain. Naughty! MSJ posted an open letter explaining what happened, but then removed it. As the Web turns...


OK, let's talk about the iPhone. Gene Munster says that the iPhone price cut has caused a 300 percent sales increase, although he thinks that should level out to 50 percent after the initial surge. Sounds good for Apple, but that wily Woz still thinks the price drop was a bad idea. An allegedly leaked T-Mobile ad claims that a 16GB, 3G version of the iPhone will debut this November in Germany. And this licensing agreement between Apple and wireless tech company InterDigital should help pave the way for a 3G iPhone. Until then, you can download free NYC subway maps for your iPhone, get the international roaming blocked so you don't rack up huge bills when abroad, and read the best explanation we've heard yet for why the headphone jack is recessed.


In iPhone hacking news: Apple's VP of iPod Marketing says that the company doesn't object to developers making native apps for the iPhone, and it won't try to deter that development or foil it with updates. But at the same time, Apple won't assist the effort, or fix any of its updates that inadvertently break third-party apps. Speaking of hacks, Skype on the iPod touch could make it almost as good as the iPhone...if it works. Here's a piece about why Apple would cripple features on the touch, and here's a look at how safe it really is to hack your iPhone.


In iTunes news: News Corp. (owners of the Fox network) say it won't pull an NBC and yank content from the iTunes Store...but gosh, it would still like to charge more for its content! Unfortunately for them, the iPhone's and iPod touch's ability to download content directly should serve to strengthen Apple's position when negotiating with content providers. And Apple and HD Radio plan to offer "iTunes tagging," which will let HD Radio listeners tag songs they hear on the airwaves, so they can buy them later from the iTunes Store.



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What gives?



After all those raving reviews of the new iMacs now we have posts about faded colors on 20-inch models? Well, you if you can't trust the "reveiwers" wait till normal people purchase the new products and start threading their comments.

To MDN, MacWorld, etc. Thanks for nothing.



This is ridiculous. There is not even one piece of worthy information on this article about the imac screen.

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