21 Outlandish Apps - Download Now!

21 Outlandish Apps - Download Now!

One man. Twenty-one apps. Some ludicrous. Some useful. All worth taking a look at over the next few pages of this article.


Silliness is good - it keeps us from getting too puffed up, too self-important. As noted goofball-philospher Ludwig Wittgenstein said, "If people did not sometimes do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done." As cross-dressing playwright Charles Ludlum observed, "You are the living mockery of your own ideals. If not, you've set your ideals too low." And, as Clarabell the Clown put it ... uh .... well ... okay, Clarabell didn't say much, just tooted a bicycle horn and squirted a seltzer bottle - but you get what I mean.


The first dozen or so years of the Mac's life were fertile times for inspired silliness. Those were the years of The Talking Moose (which lives on as Uli's Moose), Jared (which has been ported over into a far-too-slick Mac OS X version), Sim Stapler (which you can still find in Mac OS 9 and X versions on Freeverse's site), and a whole lot more.


The Mac's "all grown up" now - and although its maturity may have brought us heretofore unimaginable power, wireless everything, and the unbridled ability to create, share, and enjoy, some of us miss the good ol' days of a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down the pants (thanks, Chuckles).


Luckily, one intrepid developer - John Schilling of Oakland, California - maintains the fine balance of silliness, self-effacing modesty, in-your-face disregard for too-delicate sensibilities, and programming chops that have inspired the pantheon of Mac-ephemera coders. On his eponymous website, John has a collection of 21 apps that range from the mildly - though wonderfully - offensive (MacBarfX, Poop Alerts, and PowerOrgasm X) to the - horrors! - actually useful (BwanaDik and Smell-O-Mints).


In true SilliMacâ„¢ tradition, John informs all visitors to his website that "All software is 159% free. It's all 159% useless, too." Most apps carry a disclaimer such as "I make no guarantees about this app. It may destroy you, your computer, your friends computer, your cat, your credit rating, etc. I am in no way responsible for ANYTHING tragic happening to you or anyone you choose to torture with this app. Use at your own risk." In the land of the astutely loony, that's as it should be: You pays your money (in this case $0.00) and you takes your chances.


So we've rounded up all 21 of John's current apps, and have hosted them on our server so that we don't burden the poor guy with bandwidth fees. Don't think of us as poachers - as John writes on his site "You may redistribute [my software] as you see fit, without notification to myself, as long as no fee is collected," and "Actually, I would prefer it if you just left me alone. Really." That's the good ol' Mac Pirate spirit: Screw licensing agreements, just download, install, and enjoy. Or not. Your call.


Oh, but there is one final note: Although John doesn't charge for his software, he's more than willing to accept donations to help pay his bandwidth bills. If you enjoy one of his apps (or two; or three), drop the dude a couple of bucks. He's being generous with his apps - you could at least be a little generous with your cash.


So pop on over to the next few pages in this posting and check out John's collection, liberally sprinkled with quotes from his website.






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The way your articles span up to 8-10 pages is just plain stupid. Why do I have to load the "same" page again and again to read one article? And I'm not complaining because of a slow connection either - it's just a pain in the ass. Please change it.



Re: Pages
I also hate that one must flip page to page on these small articles, but it seems that ad revenue could perhaps be the motivating factor.



is the balloting for this years Nobel Prize already closed? If not, I know of one developer in California who deserves strong considertaion. All hail to thee, Mr. Schilling!

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