21 Outlandish Apps - Download Now!

21 Outlandish Apps - Download Now!

5. BwanaDik 3.0.4 - useful IP info

Requirements: Mac OS 10.3 or later


"BwanaDik is an IP address (WAN and LAN) menu item. Yes, another IP address app. Just what the world needs."


"You may be asking yourself 'why the heck does the world need another IP address application?' Well, it doesn't. But I did. I looked all over for an IP address app that met my needs, and never found one. So I wrote my own."


"See, I work at a coffee shop that has a really crappy DSL line, and an even crappier Airport Base Station. The connection comes and goes every 5 minutes. And there is nothing more frustrating than opening up Safari and typing in a search in the google bar only to be slapped with an alert sheet saying the site cannot be found. Then I have to sit around watching my Network control panel to see when I'm back online again, because a lot of times the info I need on the web is for work."


"Now, with BwanaDik, I can look at the menu bar and know right away if I can access the internet or not. Even better, when my network is back online, BwanaDik lets me know right away with an alert window. So now I can keep typing code and when the network is ready, I can go do my searches and whatnot."


"So, yes, there are a lot of IP address apps out there. I'm sure they are all great. But this one does exactly what I want it to. It probably doesn't do what you want, but that's OK with me."




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6. Smell-O-Mints 2.3.2 - useful chemistry info

Requirements: "Mac OS X 10.4.x or higher, 1MBdisk space, lungs."


"Smell-O-Mints is a Periodic table of the elements for the Macintosh. It's not as full-featured as a lot of other Periodic tables out there, but it's free and looks very nice. Especially if you put it next to the coffee table by the ferns."


"Click on an element symbol to get a little more information on the item, like atomic weight, radioactive properties, and atomic number. You can use the popup menu to switch between the basic table and a table of solids, liquids and gasses, and more."




- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


7. Heart Monitor 1.3 - CPU cardio-monitor

Requirements: Mac OS 10.3 or later


"Heart Monitor is a bare-bones CPU monitor menu extra that displays a beating heart. As the CPU load increases, the heart beats faster. You can set Heart Monitor to track the User, System, Idle or Nice load. It does not do much else. Uptime, processor info and other tidbits are not displayed. You can set the window level (desktop, normal or floating), and optionally display a small window showing all CPU load averages. There are many CPU monitors out there that give you plenty of CPU information. This is not one of those applications.


To use Heart Monitor, "simply double click to launch. A heart will appear on your desktop, and a new menu item will appear in your menubar, displaying a percentage. This is the CPU load average for whichever load you wish to track (User, System, Idle or Nice). Use this menu to set the preferences of the Heart Monitor." To quit Heart Monitor, "simply click on the menu that is displaying the CPU load, and choose 'Quit Heart Monitor'.


"Why doesn't Heart Monitor show the things [you] want to see? Because I'm not you. And it's free. And the source code is available."




- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


8. BinClocken 1.6 - binary clock

Requirements: Mac OS 10.4 or later


"What is BinClocken? A useless floating binary LED clock for your desktop."


"How do [you] use BinClocken? Simply double click to launch. You can change the LED color (blue, red, green), window style (metal, wood, black, transparent) and window level from the 'Clock' menu item." (For more info on how to tell time with BinClocken, click here.)


"Why did [I] write this? What's wrong with [me]? I was given a ThinkGeek binary clock by a friend (in a not-so-transparent attempt to force me to learn binary math). It sucks. It runs fast, very fast, gaining about 5 minutes per day, making it totally useless. So this is my revenge on the world. Plus, I was drunk when I wrote it."








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The way your articles span up to 8-10 pages is just plain stupid. Why do I have to load the "same" page again and again to read one article? And I'm not complaining because of a slow connection either - it's just a pain in the ass. Please change it.



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I also hate that one must flip page to page on these small articles, but it seems that ad revenue could perhaps be the motivating factor.



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