21 Outlandish Apps - Download Now!

21 Outlandish Apps - Download Now!

9. Solscape 2.4.2 - Internet-based sun monitor

Requirements: Mac OS 10.4 or later


"Solscape is a "Solar Data Browser" application that grabs real time, up to the minute images of the Sun in multiple light wavelengths. Solscape also monitors current Solar flare activity, Earth view satellite images, Solar geomagnetic activity, and Aurora activity. Solscape gets all of its information via the Internet and compiles it in a single, easy to use application. You can save and archive the data that Solscape collects for later use, and you can tell Solscape to automatically grab the data when you want."


For information on how to use Solscape, check out the aptly named "How do I use Solscape?"




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10. Atomic Beef 1.3 - app and file launcher

Requirements: Mac OS 10.4 or later


"Atomic Beef is an app/file menu item launcher. Put items in the Atomic Beef Menu Items Folder, and they will appear in the Atomic Beef menu item. It's slow and pokey, but it works."


"Why is Atomic Beef? I dunno. I just felt like writing my own app/file launcher menu item I guess. It kinda sucks, putting lots of items in the Atomic Beef Menu Items can make Atomic Beef take forever to startup."


To use Atomic Beef, "double click the icon to launch. To add items to the menu, choose "Open Atomic Beef Folder..." from the menu and put files, folders, aliases, whatever in there. To add a menu separator, simple create an empty folder or file and give it a name with the extension .separator, like "Pictures.separator". You can change the separator extension to be whatever you want in the preferences, though. You can also set it to skip items begining with a defined character (like "~"), skip empty folders, limit the depth of folders it will display, etc."




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11. iCat 2.0 - feline philosopher

Requirements: Mac OS 10.4 or later


"iCat is the OS X version of one of the dumbest applications on the planet, Cat.app, which I wrote in 1972 for the Classic Mac OS. This totally useless waste of bits is a floating cat head that lets out various quotes, noises, and smells. Note: prolonged use can lead to spontaneous decapitation. Simply double click the iCat icon to launch. You can adjust the activity level, window placement and shadow via the Preferences (under the iCat menu item)."


"Why would [you] want to use iCat? Good question."


"Why did [I] write iCat? Choose one of the following:

1) My parents never bought me a pony.
2) I enjoy being insulted at MacWorld events.
3) I can't talk to girls.
4) It's a desperate cry for attention.
5) I'm on drugs.
6) My cat is on drugs.
7) I didn't write anything. You're on drugs."




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12. Cosmic Debris 2.0 - aurora borealis monitor

Requirements: Mac OS 10.4 or later


"Cosmic Debris is an Aurora Borealis (AKA the Northern Lights) monitor menu item. It monitors two internet data sources for the probability of an Aurora event. The menu icon then displays the likelihood of an event using a color scheme: green for low probability, yellow for medium probability, red for high probability (and active for PCAF), and gray for unknown. Options include having a popup window, email or sound alert you of upgrades to the probability levels, auto updating and more. Remember, this is a probabilty monitor. It doesn't actually tell you if the Northern Lights are active or not, but rather the likelihood that they could be active."


For info on how to use Cosmic Debris, check out the appropriately named "How do I use it?" on this page.








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