2GB shuffle, China Loves the iPhone and Idol Warbling Coming to iTunes

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2GB shuffle, China Loves the iPhone and Idol Warbling Coming to iTunes


Bigger and cheaper shuffles: Apple has announced a cheaper, $49, 1GB iPod shuffle and, coming soon, a 2GB iPod shuffle for $69. Please, no giggling at the 2GB shuffle price.


Unlocked iPhones pricey for Apple: It's estimated that Apple will lose over $1 billion in revenue over the next three years from unlocked iPhones. Apple makes a percentage of the monthly carrier charges in addition to the profits made from the sale of iPhones.


Xsan 2, The Wrath of Khan: Everyone knows part two is an improvement over the original. Empire was the best Star Wars, Khan was better than the first Star Trek movie. Apple released Xsan 2 today. Let's all start networking for the advancement of the universe.


Xserve Raid MIA: Hey, what happened to the Xserve RAID? KHANNNNNNN!!!


BBC on iTunes: Good news, the BBC announced that their programmes (that's how they spell it over there) will be available on iTunes in the UK. Bad news, no Dr. Who and it's only available in the UK.


American Idol on iTunes: If you can't get enough of pointing out the flaws of frightened, wanna-be singers, you're in luck. American Idol performances are now available on iTunes.


HD DVD is dead, Long live Blu-ray: Toshiba has announced its intention of halting production of HD DVD devices. The long format war is over. Expect a Ken Burns documentary of the terrible ordeal on your local PBS station.


China loves the iPhone: With an estimated 400,000 unlocked iPhones in China, Apple might want to step up its official release of the device in that country.


Tiny Code mea culpa: Tiny Code developer, KellyTM, has revealed that last weeks statements were false. The developer stated on their website that they were working with Apple and looking forward to firmware 1.1.4. The developer apologized to Apple and developers on the MacRumors forum.




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In 1995 I bought a 4 gb array for $5,000. I should have waited!


Walker Quine

Could have just gotten two 2 gig shuffles, ehe?
I have an old white 1 gig that I use, IMHO apple should have kept the built in USB plug, nothing better than a thumbdrive that plays music!

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