3 Cures for Bad Web Design

3 Cures for Bad Web Design



Symptom: Pop-ups Appear When You Hover Over Certain Links


Cure: Block the Offending JavaScript in Firefox

Beyoncé isn’t the only person who likes bling. Website operators seem crazy for it too. Some of our least favorite examples are thepage previews that pop up as thumbnail images when you hover over a link. Snap, the company responsible for this, allows you to turn off this feature by installing a cookie in your browser. It’s a gracious gesture, but it only works as long as you keep the cookie. If you’re a privacy-conscious user who deletes cookies every so often, a more permanent solution is to block the JavaScript responsible for the effect. In Firefox, download and install the free Adblock Plus extension from Mozilla’s extensions library. Then go to Tools > Adblock Plus and create a new filter with this text: snap.com/*


Snap’s preview pop-ups should never appear again. This technique doesn’t stop with Snap, of course. You can use Adblock Plus to block any annoying JavaScript or advertisement. Just isolate the source and then filter it out.


JavaScript effects can be cool, but Web designers tend to abuse them as well. Quarantine annoying scripts in Firefox using Adblock Plus.






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