3 Cures for Bad Web Design

3 Cures for Bad Web Design


Symptom: A Webpage Displays Text That’s Too Small


Cure: Set a Minimum Text Size

Reading onscreen is hard enough, and it doesn’t help when designers try to cram far too many words into a small space. You may already know that Safari or Firefox can increase the font size on any webpage with a simple Command-+ (that’s the plus sign), but you can save yourself the trouble by setting a larger minimum font size, which will apply to all the pages you visit.


In Safari > Preferences > Advanced, check the box next to “Never use font sizes smaller than” and use the drop-down menu to select the font size of your choice. In Firefox > Preferences > Content, and select a larger size from the drop-down menu below Fonts & Colors. Your eyes will thank you.


You don’t have to have a single gray hair to appreciate larger type online. Safari’s preferences can help.




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