3G Chipset Info Found In SDK

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3G Chipset Info Found In SDK


Zibri, creator of the ZiPhone tool, has already delved into the depths of the latest iPhone SDK. What Mr. Zibri found was evidence of the chipset that will be used in the next generation 3G iPhone.


The Infineon SGOLD3H, (we can only assume SGOLD stands for "Solid Gold" the great 80's television show) supports speeds of 7.2Mbps, cameras up to 5-megapixels, MPEG4/H.263 hardware acceleration, video telephony, live recording and two-way video calls.


Maybe Kevin Rose was on to something after all.




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Man. I am behind on cell phone tech.

Did i read somewhere that that chip was actually 3.5G? does that make much of a difference? I'd hope that when it comes around to the iPhone apple can do better than a technology that has been around for a long while and do one that has been around for... not as long.



Let's just hope Apple does not skimp this stuff in the iPhone software...


Roberto Baldwin

My thoughts exactly!


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