3G iPhone in 2008, Leopard Tips, Google Gadgets on the Dashboard, and More

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3G iPhone in 2008, Leopard Tips, Google Gadgets on the Dashboard, and More



3G in 2008: AT&T's CEO confirmed that a 3G version of the iPhone will be available in 2008. Which most people already anticipated. (Steve Jobs even said in September, "Hopefully, we'll see that late next year.") No other details were offered, like the quarter it will appear, or how much it'll cost, or any of that. Just next year -- our guess is that we'll learn more details at January's Mac Expo. And as great as a 3G iPhone will be, keep in mind that the current EDGE version is already good enough for Dutch royalty.


Google Gadgets hit the Dashboard: You know all those Google Gadgets you can use to customize an iGoogle home page? Well, with the new Google Gadget app you can convert them to run on your Dashboard too. So your gadgets and widgets can coexist in happy harmony.


Leopard Tips Galore: It must be Official Leopard Tip Day, because we found a bunch of 'em. Here are 6 Hidden Leopard Gems and 15 Leopard Tips, not to mention 10 Ways to Get More out of Leopard. (And we'll have more in the January issue of Mac|Life, too. Our online Living with Leopard guide is also handy.)


Other iPhone news: Besides the 3G "reveal," that is. A German MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) is offering customers a 600 euro rebate if they buy an unlocked iPhone from T-Mobile and pledge to use it on the MVNO's network instead. What's the price difference between an unlocked iPhone and one that comes with a T-Mobile contract? Why, 600 euros.


Mac "fanboi" sites not really hacked: If you heard about the Malcor thing, it turned out to be a hoax, and now Apple Matters, MacApper, and Mac Heist look dumb. If you didn't hear about it, don't sweat it because...it was really dumb. Nothing to see here.


Where's the Loo? In London, you can find bathrooms with your cell phone! You text "toilet" to a service and wait for a text back with a location of a public restroom. That's technology in action, folks. Yes.



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Hey! Don't scoff at finding toilets. That's serious shi- well, you get it.


Susie Ochs

no scoffing here, i thought it was awesome. i wish SF had the same service.

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