3G Italian iPhone, PayPal Backpedals and More Wacky iPhone Rumors

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3G Italian iPhone, PayPal Backpedals and More Wacky iPhone Rumors


Italian iPhone: la Repubblica, an Italian newspaper, reports that the iPhone is on its way to the boot-shaped country. The real news is that they report that Telecom Italia will not share revenue with Apple and won't have a long-term contract. On top of that, it'll be a 3G iPhone that's introduced.


Google is a brand powerhouse: Google has taken the top spot in brand power for the third year in a row. Someone should Google how they keep the brand name alive. Oh wait, never mind.


Wii and iPhone browsers vulnerable: According to Davis University researchers, the Apple Mobile Safari and Opera Nintendo Wii browsers are more vulnerable to phishing scams than their desktop counterparts. At issue, users dislike of the browser's onscreen keyboards and the higher likelihood that they will click on a link.


Super crazy iPhone rumor: Switch To A Mac reports that the 3G iPhone will be announced in May and become available the very next day. The site also expects a new portable device at WWDC. Their source, an old college buddy who used to work at Apple, and has friends at the company. We guess it's plausible that Steve Jobs would bypass the chance to introduce the most anticipated upgrade to a device ever on stage at the WWDC Keynote. Sure, that could happen.


PayPal backs off Safari ban: After an internal white paper surfaced that PayPal was considering blocking Safari and other "unsafe" browsers, Safari users have been mighty upset. Well, it turns out the paper was misread according to PayPal. The company has no intention of blocking Safari. We can all go back to sending our friends in Nigeria funds to help them secure a large windfall of millions.


Second Life Apple Store: Hey, remember when you signed up for Second Life? You used it for about 20 minutes and realized it's not as cool as you thought it would be. A recent Apple patent filing has the internet buzzing that Apple could create a Second Life-esque Apple Online Store. We can hardley contain our excitement.


The Psystar story goes on: After announcing its intention to sell unauthorized Mac clones, Psystar has created more drama in a week, than most companies create in 20 years. Three address changes and multiple delays later, Psystar claims to be shipping the first of their Open Computer systems. If you've ordered a Psystar system, tell us about your experience below.




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