45 Million iPhones in 2009, Apple Tops in Brand Identity and Next-Gen iPhone News and Rumors

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45 Million iPhones in 2009, Apple Tops in Brand Identity and Next-Gen iPhone News and Rumors


Millions and millions served: Piper Jaffray analyst and Apple cheerleader, Gene Munster, is predicting that Apple will sell 45 million iPhones in 2009. Munster's prediction has some fuzzy math though. But hey, he's an analyst, they can say whatever they want.


Apple is the most successful brand in the world: Apple took a majority of the categories in an online poll of marketers. Apple topped, the brand they couldn't live without and brand you would most like to be associated with. Just wait until the swimsuit competition, Apple should sweep that as well.


Next-Gen iPhone news & rumors: Foxconn has secured the exclusive contract to build the next generation iPhone according to Dow Jones. This coincides with Bank of America telling investors that Apple will begin building the next iPhone in May. And if that didn't brighten your Monday, word on the street is that the next iPhone will be cheaper.


Apple slow on the security beat: Security researchers from IBM have produced a study that shows that Apple is lagging behind Microsoft in security patch responsiveness. The members of the X-Force security division analyzed several years of security threats and patch dispersals to arrive at their conclusion.


iPhone 2.0 and .Mac: If you're an iPhone owner and .Mac subscriber this may excite you. The folks over at iPhone Alley found this within a preference bundle in the latest iPhone SDK. "Syncing with this Dot Mac account will turn off syncing for other Dot Mac accounts and delete any existing synced data."


iPhone to check other mobiles devices in Canada?: Our friends to the north are stuck in the penalty box of a little game we like to call, iPhone mania. Things are looking up though. Rumors are circulating that the iPhone will be unleashed in Canada by Niagara Networks Inc. The company has joined the Canadian spectrum auction and may partner with AT&T or T-Mobile.


Don't Panic!: SophoLabs is advising the Macintosh community to not panic following the discovery of a Trojan horse for OS X. The Trojan attempts to scare Mac users into purchasing unnecessary software after claiming your privacy has been compromised.




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