8GB iPhone Being Phased Out in UK

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8GB iPhone Being Phased Out in UK



After the recent £100 price reduction for the 8GB iPhone in the UK and sales surge that followed, it seems O2 and Carphone Wharehouse are on the verge of a complete sell out.


Carphone Warehouse confirmed to Register Hardware that they were indeed sold out of 8GB iPhones. O2 told the site that the online store was completely sold out while there was limited supply in their stores.


Engadget obtained an internal O2 memo that states, "Due to the highly successful sales of the Apple 8GB I-Phone, supply chain have today run out of stock & will not be replenishing stock of this product as it has now gone to end of life."


Currently the Apple Store Online UK has 8GB iPhones ready to ship within 24 hours. Although, the Apple Store Online still sells the unit at £269 instead of the discounted O2 price of £169.


The Apple Store Online USA, still states that 8GB iPhones are available for shipping within 5-7 days. Calls to random Apple Retail Stores in California show the 8GB iPhone either sold out or customers being advised by the staff to have them hold one until the customer arrives to pick it up.




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'8GB iPhone joining 4GB iPhone in the tech graveyard.'

Nearly a year ago, I considered buying a 4 GB iPhone. Now I have a 16 GB iPod Touch.

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