9 iPod Accessories You Might Not Know About

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9 iPod Accessories You Might Not Know About


Solar Charger


Who hasn’t thought, “Boy, I wish I could harness the rays of the sun to power my Gnarles Barkley tunes”? Well, ponder no more. The Solio solar charger saves you from the bummer experience of running out of power plus earn you some green street cred.


Depending on which model you choose, one hour of sunshine gives you 40 minutes or more on your iPod or 14 to 25 minutes of talk time on your iPhone. The Classic model even comes with a suction cup; place it on a sunny window, and you can lazily refuel those cells without expending your own energy. Plus, for those cloudy days, the Solio can be charged either via USB port or a wall socket.


As long as the sun keeps fusing hydrogen atoms, Gnarls Barkley and the other musicians in the ‘pod will never miss a note.





Your iPod is lonely and wants a friend to share music with. That’s obviously the rationale behind the MiShare, a small widget that connects two iPods to each other, like Siamese twins. When connected, one iPod can upload music or entire playlists while the other receives it, bypassing a computer interface altogether. Certainly, the MiShare wasn’t created to steal music!


(Actually, your copyrighted song or video won’t play until you connect to a computer and authorize it. MiShare works best with your GarageBand creations.)


Transfering content from one iPod to the next has never been easier or quicker. MiShare transfers either the last song or video played, or whatever it reads on your on-the-go playlist. MiShare’s site estimates that one song can be shuttled in 10 seconds. It also shares photos.


Now your iPod will never be lonely again.



Singapore Airlines


This iPod accessory has a view screen, alright. It gives the perfect picture: you, surrounded by blue sky, soaring at 35,000 feet. Singapore Airlines is the first airline to give business-class passengers access to their iPods via the in-flight entertainment system, which makes Singapore Airlines the largest accessory on record.


With an integrated cable, you can toss aside your iPod’s 2.5-inch screen in favor of their 15.4-inch LCD screen; also, they provide noise-canceling headphones, so you can enjoy your music in blissful quiet.


Best of all, this accessory comes with flight attendants.



Tune Studio


The Tune Studio really is a remarkable piece of equipment: a portable studio, it allows you to record four different tracks directly onto your iPod—where you can mix your music on the fly. With the Tune Studio, everyday jam sessions can be forever enshrined in digital history; garage bands can eschew a professional audio engineer and use a sober roadie to check the sound levels. You can then upload your masterpiece to your Mac and polish it up on GarageBand.


On the plus side, this accessory may free small bands from cripplingly expensive studios. On the negative side, although you don’t need a professional engineer to work the controls, it looks as if only highly dedicated amateurs can master its bewildering array of knobs and inputs.


The Tune Studio is like a party on your iPod, and four musicians are invited. (But they have to bring their own microphones.)



International iTunes Music Card


While not technically an accessory, a prepaid international iTunes music card makes a great addition to your iPod. There’s something really fun about making up lyrics to incomprehensible songs. For example, “Yukiyunagi” easily becomes “Die, Die, White Devil.”


The problem with music cards from other iTunes stores is that it’s legally iffy. Before you download, you must input your address into the iTunes Music Store. And if you live in Indiana, there’s no way you’ll be able to get the J-Pop you crave. Unless you lie.


Fear of legal entanglements fell by the wayside when I downloaded Amy Winehouse from the UK iTunes store six months before anyone in the States had heard of her. Even though the song is in English, I still modified the lyrics: “The RIAA try to make me go to rehab, I say no, no, no.”





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