A Look at Intel's Yorkfield, Starbucks iTunes, iPhone Uprising, Update Boot Camp

A Look at Intel's Yorkfield, Starbucks iTunes, iPhone Uprising, Update Boot Camp


Details on Intel 45nm desktop processors: It looks like Intel will release the Yorkfield XE processor on November 11. The Yorkfield XE will formally be know as the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 quad-core processor. We won't be surprised if you see this processor in a new desktop Mac revealed at January's Mac Expo.


iPhone uprising: The iPhone popularity tide is turning, thanks to Apple's refusal to honor the warranty of hacked iPhones. There's a movement to file a class action lawsuit against Apple. If you own a hacked iPhone and you need to have it serviced, remember to restore it in iTunes before your bring it in.


Starbucks iTunes kicks off tomorrow: If you live in New York or Seattle, you'll be able to shop at the Starbucks section of the iTunes Music Store. About 600 cafes will offer the service. One interesting note in the linked article: You can shop at the Starbucks iTunes Music Store while using iTunes on a Mac or PC notebook.


Cloned Apple stores: Apple resellers, looking to regain customers who have left to be regular Apple Store customers, are copying the look and feel of Apple Stores. You'll have to check with your local reseller to see if MySpace access is allowed.


Update Boot Camp: If you tried to use Boot Camp beta 1.2 and you couldn't that's because it expired on September 30. You need to upgrade to Boot Camp 1.4. Remember, Boot Camp is beta, and version 1.4 will expire when Leopard is released.



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I personally don't think there's anything wrong with what Apple has done in regards to not honouring hacked iPhone's.
We all know the speed technology moves at. We all know that there are regular software updates to many items. My Treo handheld has been updated three times in three years. If I want everything it has to offer, I have no choice.
But this isnt hacking because Apple left something out of the equation for the iPhone. This was most often hacking because a) The iPhone was not released immediatly in all areas/countries (Apples perogative) and b) Because buyers decided they didn't want to use the service provided that Apple chose.
All I can say about that is too bad. You had a choice. Buy an iPhone, and honour the agreement for the service provider, or don't buy an iPhone at all.
And if the iPhone wasnt available in your country (like Canada where I am), then sorry, learn to be patient.
Morons hacking a 600$ device, knowing before-hand that Apple's warranty would be void, got just what they deserved.



Good, I am glad they froze up the iphones after the phones had been hacked. If I supped up my car and such, I doubt chevy would back up the warranty on it either. Teaches folks a lesson.. :D



No, Chevy would not have to back up the warranty on it. But in this case it would be as if Chevy went around and killed every supped up car because it's not how they made it. That's not fair.



If BC 1.4 expires when Leopard is released, then will anyone using it either have to upgrade to Leopard or find another solution?

I wonder if Apple will release a stand-alone Boot Camp (not free) for non-upgraders.



Boot Camp is a feature of Leopard, and I doubt Apple will release a stand-alone version. I could see Apple extending the expiration so that users won't be left high and dry, but Apple wants you to upgrade.

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