A Touching Ad

A Touching Ad

The billboards in Peter's ad campaign all played on songs with "touch" in the lyrics.


Peter Weisz of Carmel, Indiana, is no stranger to design and marketing. As a freelance marketing consultant, Peter’s experience definitely helped him win this month’s contest. His full campaign of iPod touch billboards stood out amongst the other entries and was noted for its clean design and snappy play on words.


Peter explains, “Drivers typically have less than three seconds to notice and process billboard content. I attempted to make the ads instantly identifiable as coming from Apple and making the copy familiar, fun and easy to digest.” Peter created his ads on his 24-inch iMac with Photoshop CS3. The prize, Adobe Illustrator CS3 ($599), will fit perfectly into his workflow.




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I'm not sure how child abuse qualifies for a source of humor, but you must have had your reasons for this "show me where he touched you on this doll" bit. Not the most mature way to be funny, but whatever.

About the ad: If it was supposed to be "instantly identifiable as coming from Apple", why did he use a non-Apple typeface instead of Myriad?


El Diabo de Noche

I agree with Jeronimo about the typeface. Not even friggin close. It doesn't look like it's directly from Apple, it looks like some shoddy third party attempt at copying Apple.

This place has gone downhill since the name change. Shame on you guys.

P.S. Relax about the doll bit. It's funny.


Peter Weisz

Sorry that you didn't care for the iPod touch billboard that MacLife selected to display. Perhaps one of my others might be more to your liking. Check them out here:

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