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Chris Hoffman
Managing Editor

Chris “The Hoff” Hoffman has been an Apple user since he began working on a Mac 512 (with external 800K drive!) in fourth grade. He once used World Builder on Mac to create an entire adventure game for his high school mythology-class final project; he received an A- because his instructor found the game’s puzzles too difficult. At Mac|Life, Chris H. is responsible for managing features and sections of the magazine, editing content, generating ideas, and ensuring that production proceeds more or less on schedule. He even gets to write stuff once in a while! A former editor at Nintendo Power and occasional contributor to GamesRadar.com, Chris H. is an avid gamer and an unapologetic fan of Japanese video games.

You can find Chris on Twitter at @ChrisTheHoff, usually going on about Mega Man or Mr. T.  



Robin Dick
Art Director

Robin arrived San Francisco in 1988, beginning her West Coast creative adventure at Miller Freeman Publishing, before moving on to Wells Fargo Bank Communication Arts and Levi Strauss. She eventually partnered up with two of her best pals to create Unified Design Labs, a design studio providing a wide variety of design solutions, with an emphasis on branding. Fast forward to her Art Director position at Mac|Life where her job is to make sure the Mac|Life brand has a clean, informative, and cohesive look, as well as directing photo shoots, prop research, styling, and all the design fun stuff.

When she's not policing the brand, you'll find her in movie theatres, flea markets, the beach, and airports.

You can follow her on Twitter @robin314.


Andrew Hayward
Contributing Editor

Andrew didn't do a lot of gaming on his first childhood Mac (thanks, 4MB RAM), but he did plenty on an array of consoles and handhelds through the years before pursuing a career writing about video games, apps, tech, and toys. As Mac|Life's contributing editor based out of Chicago, he oversees the iOS apps and games coverage (along with that of Mac games) for both print and web, working with the staff and contributors to ensure that articles are timely, comprehensive, and well-considered. In addition to his editorial duties here, he also writes for a wide array of other outlets, including fine Future publications like Official Xbox Magazine, @Gamer, TechRadar, Edge, Tap!, and GamesRadar.

You can follow him on Twitter at @ahaywa, though be prepared for tweets about his silly cats and other oddball things that he finds hilarious.


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