ABSplus Desktop

ABSplus Desktop

The ABSplus Desktop backup systems are available in capacities ranging from 80GB to 750GB.


When it comes to data backup, you fall into two camps. You're either one of the rare practitioners of regular, precatastrophe backups, or you're like most people - you only start backing up after you've lost data. If you're in the latter group, you should consider a package like the ABSplus Desktop, which combines a FireWire 400 hard drive in capacities ranging from 80GB to 750GB and the BounceBack Professional backup software.


The best part of the package is the easy-to-use BounceBack app. It offers all the features you'd expect (and require) in a single-user backup system. You can create custom sets of data and apps to back up, or create a bootable backup of everything on your Mac's hard drive. You can schedule backups on specific days and times, or back up manually (BounceBack can also remind you to back up at set intervals). A third option is to back up only when the right drive is connected. Regular backups are fast, and you can pull data from multiple sources. Restoring individual files or folders using the QuickRestore feature is a cinch.


BounceBack Professional is available on its own for $39 (download). While the ABSplus package includes everything you need to establish a solid backup system, you might opt to buy the BounceBack software and a hard drive separately - you might want to get a drive with a different case, or with USB, for example. You can also use BounceBack with an existing external hard drive.


The bottom line. ABSplus Desktop will have you backing up in no time.


CONTACT: www.cmsproducts.com
PRICE: $156 to $467
REQUIREMENTS: 450MHz G4 or later or Intel processor, Mac OS 10.2 or later, 256MB RAM, FireWire 400
Easy-to-use software. Solid set of backup features. Compact hard drive. Universal binary.
FireWire 400 only.





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