Accordance ARAID T2000

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Accordance ARAID T2000

If one drive takes a lickin’, the other will just keep on tickin’.


The ARAID T2000 backs up your data simultaneously and on the fly. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) makes it happen—more specifically, a RAID 1 mirroring array. In a RAID 1 setup with two hard drives like the ones in the ARAID T2000, the same data is written to both drives, creating an instant backup.


The ARAID T2000 can be used as a boot drive when connected to your Mac via FireWire 400. The ARAID T2000 comes without hard drives, so we used a pair of 250GB Western Digital Serial ATA drives and attached them to the two trays before sliding them into the enclosure. Easily done.


You connect the ARAID T2000 to your Mac via FireWire 400, and it appears as a single 250GB external. You don’t need software to configure the two drives in the box because the built-in controller handles everything. Using Shirt Pocket’s SuperDuper ($27.95,, we copied our Mac’s internal 60GB drive to the ARAID T2000’s primary upper drive. In System Preferences > Startup Disk we chose the ARAID T2000. When we rebooted, the LCD on the ARAID T2000 showed that the upper tray’s primary drive was mirroring itself to the secondary drive at about 1GB per minute.


After an hour, both drives were in sync. From then on, data was written automatically to both drives. The Mac’s internal drive still worked and wasn’t needed anymore, but we kept its operating system intact in case we ever had to boot from it. We erased everything else, using the drive for additional storage.


If one ARAID T2000 drive fails, an alarm sounds and the device’s LCD monitor indicates which drive needs to be replaced. The other will carry on so you can continue to use your Mac. Just pull out the bad drive, replace it, reinsert the tray, and the good drive will begin copying itself to it. For the Boy and Girl Scouts out there, you can buy an extra tray ($43) and have an extra drive on standby so you’re always prepared for a drive failure.


When it’s time for a new Mac, you’ll be good to go without having to reinstall applications. However, you can’t boot Intel Macs with a RAID array previously formatted for a PowerPC Mac, or vice versa. And the ARAID T2000’s two fans are a bit noisy.


There are many other tasks you can do with a RAID 1 array. You can try new software on one drive while disabling the other, returning to the status quo if conflicts occur. With a third tray, you can rotate drives and keep one drive off-premises for security. If your Mac needs repair, your data can remain secure without running the risk of getting snooped or wiped by a nosy (or not-so-bright) Geek Squadder.


The bottom line. The ARAID T2000 isn’t sexy—heck, RAID in general isn’t sexy at all. But we can live with that knowing that we’ll never have to worry about backups or lost data.



COMPANY: Accordance
PRICE: $495 (hard drives not included)

Quick and easy setup. Versatile.
Ugly duckling. The two internal fans are noisy.





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Is this the first time your reviewer has ever met a RAID 1 device? It sure sounmds like it. All he talks about is how it mirrors on drive to another. Well, duuuuuuuuuuuuh! RAID 1 has been doing that since, oh, about the Carter years (or earlier. I don't feel like doing the research right now.) There are a lot of mac companies that make good RAID 1 system like Weibetech, G Technology, La Cie and more -- who's "accordance," and why should we think that their really expensive drive is any better than anybody elses RAID 1 drive?




Sorry the review was too "lame" for you. But you probably don't understand that RAID is becoming mainstream - it's not just for folks who've been computing since the Carter years anymore.

As a developer for SoftRAID (no relation to the above product) said to me during Mac Expo last week, there's a new growing customer base who isn't that familiar with RAID, but with drives being so affordable now, even your grandma wants to use a RAID array. Thus, that explains the angle of this review.

Not everyone is as smart and arrogant as you. We need to address those folks as well.

Roman Loyola
Reviews Editor



While the initial poster was rather snide, some of his comments are valid. Why choose this RAID device over another? Most of the features mentioned are common to all two-drive RAID devices. Many questions remain: is it capable of striping for speed instead of mirroring for redundancy?



some other questions that were left unanswered:

does it kill ants AND roaches?

is it scented?

aerosol or pump?

indoor or outdoor?

will my dog die if he licks it?

thank you!

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