Add Movement to Sounds in GarageBand

Add Movement to Sounds in GarageBand

2. Pave the Way for Audio. For this effect, we want to record two sounds - footsteps and a door closing (or slamming) - so we need two audio tracks. To create one, choose Track > New Track, select Real Instrument Track in the resulting dialog, and click Create. Repeat to create a second track. Then make sure that your chosen mic is ready for use; choose GarageBand > Preferences, select Audio/MIDI, and choose your input source from the Audio Input pop-up menu (built-in mic, built-in audio input, or your connected audio interface).


To have Garage Band record through our Ozone-connected mic, we chose the interface from the Audio input pop-up menu.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


3. Walk This Way. OK mateys, time to walk the plank! Select your first audio track and make sure that it’s record-enabled (the button should be red). Put on your shoes, position your mic (or Mac) near your walking surface, and walk (or stomp) in place to gauge the audio level (if you have an aversion to a mini-workout, you can clomp your shoes on a tabletop with your hands). To optimize the level, use GarageBand’s track volume slider or your interface’s gain control. Then click the Record button to start recording, walk or stomp in place for 15 seconds, and then click the Stop button.


Place the mic near, but not on, the surface on which you'll be walking for the best results.


4. Step Four, Shut the Door. Now record the sound of a door closing (or slamming shut if you chose to stomp in the last step). Mute your footsteps track by clicking the Mute button (the speaker icon) and select your second track to record-enable it. With your door open, position your mic (or Mac) near the door but out of its path. Then shut (or slam) the door a few times to gauge the sound level, optimize the levels as needed, and record. Record as many slams as you want - you can choose which one to use later.


Don't worry about the timing as you record your door slam - you'll move the sound into place later.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


5. Clean Up and Arrange Your Effect. To delete noise or space before and after your footstep sequence, mute the door track, select the footsteps track, unmute it, and double-click the region to open it in the editor. Play back the track to review the recording. Then drag on the left side of the audio waveform to select unwanted audio at the beginning and press Delete. Repeat on the right side of the waveform to clean up the sequence’s ending. Then mute the footsteps track, select the door track, and unmute it.


If you recorded multiple instances of the door shutting, play back your track, find the best take, then delete all audio that occurs before and after it. For single instances, clean up the beginning and ending in the same manner. Then drag the door region further down the timeline so that it plays when your footsteps end.


We banished our unwanted audio (in blue) with a press of the Delete key.






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