Adding Panache to Photo Slideshows

Adding Panache to Photo Slideshows


3. Edit Picture Attributes


The Inspector window will let you change the name that’s displayed with your photo.


Some themes display photo titles and notes. If you’ve labeled your photos in iPhoto, PulpMotion will use those titles. Otherwise, it uses the filename. Unless you want to see “IMG_993.JPG” floating by, update the photo attributes: Click the photo in the timeline, select the Inspector icon, and edit the name of the photo. If you need to adjust the look of a photo, double-click it in the timeline to see it on the main staging area and use icons for cropping and rotating. Any edits made here will only be applied in PulpMotion, and the originals will remain intact. Now you’re ready for another preview to adjust your timing.


4. Tweak Your Slideshow


Change the settings in the palette on the right of the main app window.


You can adjust and edit the slideshow attributes by switching from Media to Settings in the palette on the right. Start off by changing the title and annotations. Next adjust the timing by clicking the second line of settings. The easiest and smoothest way to fix the timing is by clicking the Adjust To Music Length button. This will ensure your movie doesn’t stop in the middle of the song, or start over. If your soundtrack isn’t long enough, the application will alert you so you can adjust accordingly. The easiest solution is to delete a couple photos, replace your soundtrack, or pick another theme with fewer transitions. Now you’re ready for your final preview.


5. Share It All Around


Exporting with the iWeb/.Mac option.


Now it’s time to share your finished slideshow with others. PulpMotion makes sharing easy by supporting a wide range of formats and options, such as QuickTime, iPhone, and iMovie. We’re going to share ours via the Web using our .Mac account. Select the iWeb option to export a web-optimized QuickTime file. Another interesting option is to export the slideshow as a self-contained Player file. The PulpMotion Player version can include a message and a feature that allows the recipient to save the slideshow as a screen saver.




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