Adium 1.0.3

Adium 1.0.3

Most aspects of Adium's interface can be customized via a quick trip to the application's Preferences.


You can't help but love the convenience of instant messaging, but what we hate are the numerous services available, each with its own client that's not cross-compatible with the others. With Adium, you can use your AIM, iChat, .Mac, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, Google Talk, and other IM services through a single interface. Once signed in to each relevant service (a process that's automated once you've defined accounts and changed your status in the Contacts window), your list of contacts is presented, and from that point onward, Adium works like any other chat client.


The convenience and stability of Adium can't be overstated, and its developers have also ensured that you have a pleasant experience with it. The customizable interface is a joy to use - you can replace icons, change the message window's appearance, define event sounds, add custom status messages, and more. The Xtras website ( offers downloadable components, although for most users, the built-in sets should suffice.


Adium isn't perfect. Video and audio chats aren't supported, and the developers note that they may never be. But since the app is free, we're not making much of our AV complaint. The fact that Adium conveniently lets you use multiple IM accounts without any hitches and with a lot of customizable features is enough to make up for the missing video and audio chats.


The bottom line. For Mac users sick of juggling multiple IM accounts, Adium is an essential download.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.3.9 or later
Supports multiple IM services. User-friendly interface. Solid, reliable, and stable. Customizable. Universal binary.
No video support. No audio chat functionality.





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I have used Adium for over a year now and it's freaking AWESOME! So what that it doesn't do video... I'm just amazed at the stability of Adium with AIM, YM, and MSN. I love IT. PLEASE DONATE if you keep the program for use.



One that I really love in ADIUM is INTEGRATED and have cute icon ;)

Perfect for Mac ^_*

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