Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional

Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional

Brainstorm allows you to try out variations on a theme, such as these nine versions of the After Effects CC Ball Action plug-in.


Another killer addition is the Puppet tool, which delivers a uniquely useful approach for anyone interested in creating convincing character animation from still images. It’s based on a combination of powerful image warping and reshaping abilities, combined with some wicked-smart depth prioritization and masking, allowing you to take a flat image and bring it to life in ways that would thrill Terry Gilliam or the South Park guys. Expect to see a new wave of homebrew YouTube cartoons once folks dig their teeth into the chewy Puppet goodness.


Tight integration with other Adobe apps has always been an advantage enjoyed by After Effects, and CS3 continues the tradition by delivering excellent communications with Photoshop Extended and Flash. For example, if you make extensive use of the Vanishing Point feature in Photoshop, you’ll really appreciate the fact that After Effects recognizes and utilizes the 3D information. Wrap a picture around a box in Photoshop, apply Vanishing Point to create a 3D deformation of the 2D image, and after you import that to After Effects, you can move the After Effects camera around the box to see the image properly mapped in pseudo-3D. This is seriously cool and critical for specific types of visual effects work. Flash animators will breathe a sigh of relief when they discover that imported Flash files now rasterize frame by frame, a longtime ability with Illustrator files that was previously denied to Flash content. This results in much crisper graphics when creating trucking and zooming effects. Combined with the ability to create Flash Cue Points out of selected After Effects keyframes, this marries the two applications together in a meaningful way. Stir in support for embedded ICC color profiles in After Effects documents, and you end up with a more streamlined and efficient workflow that will save time and money in a professional production environment.


The bottom line. After Effects has always been the go-to motion graphics tool of choice, even in the face of a number of potential competitors, but it’s fair to say that this version cements its status as King of the Moving Hill. We couldn’t live without this app, and if animation is part of your life, neither can you.




PRICE: $999 à la carte, $299 upgrade, available in two CS3 bundles ($1,699 to $2,499)

REQUIREMENTS: G4 or later or Intel processor, Mac OS 10.4.9 or later, 1GB RAM (2GB for HD), 3GB disk space

Enhanced performance on multiprocessor and Intel Macs. Excellent new creative features. Tighter integration with the rest of the CS3 suite. Universal binary.

Background rendering still not built in.





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I will try it soon.


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Adobe is a great program, despite the fact I hate most is that Adobe software costs tons and tons, loads of money. Even if they cost tons of money, they don't even include all plug-ins and presets.
On the other hands, plug-ins and presets cost loads of money too.
If the program is gonna cost over $1000 then include all plug-ins and presets. Why set a cost for a program that costs over $1000 when features such as plug-ins, presets aren't even all included.
Adobe is just trying to scam people with their programs, and later on bankrupt you with the plugins and presets.


depression man

After Effects its a very powerfull program. Sometimes i use her.

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