Amazon Expands, QuickTime Problems, Waiting for the iPhone SDK

Amazon Expands, QuickTime Problems, Waiting for the iPhone SDK


Amazon expands: Amazon announced that it will sell its DRM-free music worldwide.


Adobe users should avoid QuickTime update: If you use Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro, don't upgrade to QuickTime 7.4. The QuickTime update has compatibility issues with those Adobe apps.


iPhone software development kit: Software developers are getting excited over the iPhone software development kit, which will be released next month. Apple has been very quiet about its SDK plans, however.


Apple TV Take 2 subsized cost?: A Computerworld blogger seems to think that Apple is subsidizing the $70 Apple TV price reduction by taking a cut of movie rentals. Read the article carefully - he never states any real proof or hard facts that Apple is doing this. But on a day of slow news, this blog is bound to get some attention.


iPhone doomed: At least that's according to another blogger, because he says (not a direct quote) Windows Mobile 7 rocks! Though it won't be released until 2009.


Jailbreak iPhone 1.1.3: iPhone Atlas has a guide to jailbreaking the iPhone 1.1.3 update.




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