10 Things that Apple Could Unveil Tomorrow (That Aren't a Tablet)



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I don't need an SD card reader built into my next MacBook Pro but if there is no firewire, how will I be able to use my external Firewire HDs? No Firewire = no new Mac Pro for me !



As a laptop user I find the mouse to be awkward and counter-intuitive. I have been asking the Apple Store for several years "Why doesn't Apple make a stand-alone pad to go with an iMac "- I won't be buying one until they do!



The last few items on this list are really silly. It’s frustrating to think I’m getting a real article but then come to the end and realize the authors are only being kind of serious. This makes me significantly less likely to want to read articles from Mac|Life in the future.



I am actually hoping it would be a itablet kind on gadget. I've got all the other apple products. Hopefully this would be better than the sony reader. By the way the ipod is doing wonders for my reading.
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For sure Apple will have to release a new iPhone with new Software to compete with the new competitors that are offering multitasking. How do I know? Well recently I order a new digitizer for my uncle's 3G from eTechparts.com which already has a section for iPhone G4 parts, which it doesn't have any listed. As of late Apple has suffered from lack of components, so what better place to know what is going on with Apple then their business partners.



Is this the leaked demo of the Tablet you are talking about?  [Leaked Tablet Demo]



Please announce Aperture 3. Ok I asked.



While I could see the selling of air, wouldn't it be more interesting if they unveiled Apple Air(lines)?

Think about it. You could run your Mac in the cloud...literally.

With iPod docks, you could have a iMac screen to watch your downloaded movies.

You could buy tickets, iMeals, etc. from iTunes or The App Store.

Think about the inflight magazines...they might rent the possibly soon to be released iTablet to read all your favorites from.

They'd have comfortable seats, good legroom, run on time, and you'd never miss a connection, because it all just works.

Now THAT would be cool.



I'm SO EXCITED I CAN'T bare it! I NEEEEEEEEEEEED to know EVERYTHING about the tablet!!!!! NOW! I'm gonna explode and I'm telling you it better not be before NCIS tonight cuz I MUST see it! OMHFG I'm gonna die and puke i'm so FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!



I think there might be a new version of FCE - Final Cut Express 5.

Does anyone know if this is likely?




I'm hoping to watch Steve wave goodbye to AT@T's exclusivity on the iphone.

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