3 Worthy Alternatives to the Apple TV



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So you write an article saying 'How AppleTV beats any top set box" and then write this?

You must be really stupid/ and or insane.



Listen it's a proven fact that the Apple TV is better then anything you listed, I really don't see your point, and I'll leave it like that.

WD has a terrible UI, It's clumsy and prone to lockups.

Boxes box is good of you don't have a mac mini or a a a PC that you can use the UI on, but no they have taken away the UI for anyone to use do to greed, wanting users to use the whole hardware software package, iits UI is difficult to use and always has been, by using a old XBMC engine,

I Love XBMC EDEN BUT Boxee only gives a poor representation of the full new XBMC is capable of doing and fall flat on its face with a terrible design that takes more clicks to accomplish a simple task.

Any user with a PC OR A MAC OR A LAPTOP AND EVEN LINUX can GET THE FREE VERSION OF XBMC, it trumps this dog by miles. And no added hardware cose cause it's free! Plugins are available for everything and they are growinging nightly!

And now to the Roku... It's a competent device but fails to offer all the integration with iTunes as all the other ones fail also,.

Lets don't forget that AirPlay is a big seller and if you have a Apple TV you can have this option also, and Apple free remote App to control everything is a added bonus.

If you have all iOS devices you lose out by going with any of these option that have been listed, why not get the full bennifit out of your Apple gear by using a tried and true method, that brings more value to your purchase.

Sure the others are fine, but don't offer the full round of enjoyment that IOS based devices offer.


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