Android: When Open Becomes Closed



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I don't know very many people that keep a phone longer than 2 or 3 years anymore, anyway. These days the technology advances enough that in 2 years it's worth getting a new phone. I know most iPhone users upgrade every 2 years or so.



pick you OS, Windows, OS X, Unix, every one can pick the apps that are Java apps, they are the the ones that lack real optimizations, have the vintage look and feel. Why would I want to run A Java based OS no thanks. Now the day I can run run XobotOS then I might consider the switch but is this still Android once ported to C#?

As a windows Developer I still prefer IOS to Android or Windows phone 7 for that matter.

looking and playing with workmates Android phones it re-confirms that I would not pays for a large piece of plastic that is a lot less durable, needs to be re-booted more than windows 95 and it's Java, I don't see the value add.



Here's why I wouldn't buy an Android phone. Once you buy one of them your stuck. No software upgrades.
You want an upgrade buy a new phone!
This is where Apple shines in comparison. Always giving there users updates and bug fixes whenever possible and for free.
Android Open to what? No updates and android is open to malware.
No Thanks!



Well, while I don't deny the issue with Android fragmentation you should at least have your facts straight before publishing.
1. Google Nexus phone is released with Jelly Bean since July.
2. Jelly Bean upgrade for Galaxy S III is being released this month
3. There are multiple phones and tablets already available that are running Jelly Bean out the door, like Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Note II, Asus new 7" tablet, few others that I am not remembering right now.
4. Updates for older phones are coming out quicker and quicker. HTC just reported updating their phones this month.

Yes, Android "fragmentation" is a bad thing. Unfortunately it is due to Carriers trying to do their own thing and make money on phones. But one thing to remember, even with fragmentation, is that if device is upgraded to the new version of the Android OS, such as Jelly Bean, it will get FULL Jelly Bean with all options. While Apple will cripple options on older devices.

So yes, I have updated my old iPhone 4 to iOS 6 just for kicks, but it is missing options that are available to iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s. While my friends old Nexus 1 got update to Jelly Bean and has all options available just like my personal Galaxy Nexus.

I have stopped using iPhone and switched to Androids back in March and haven't being happier. With the options to choose hardware that I want and/or need in my devices, as well as ability to customize the way I want, without having to root or jailbreak, I am not looking back.

Thank you



The extra control carriers have in the Android world is one of many reasons I don't see myself choosing that platform over iOS anytime soon. How quickly we forget what the mobile phone landscape looked like before Apple convinced AT&T to cede control: lousy web experiences on lousy devices that no one really wanted to use (except messaging on BlackBerry).

It seems to me that the choice is never really between the beautiful "open" world of Android and the walled garden of Apple. It's between Apple's way and whatever the carriers have done to the Android platform.



Choice is yours but try to say you can choose your hardware with an android phone. You are stuck with whatever the phone hardware is from launch there are no hardware upgrades.

Yes android may allow you to customize more but at the cost of practicality. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid has always been the winner for the best products ever made. If it takes too long to get to a feature then the customization is worthless.

Also, my wife had the Droid X for 4 years and never was there an update. There were plenty of blogs where people showed you how at the risk of bricking the device. Yes the carriers are partly to blame but so is Google for not forcing through updates. They could very easily have required carriers to allow for that, but didn't because all they cared for was market saturation.

By the way, I run IOS6 without any virus protection, cannot (or should not) do that with an android.


Michael Simon

Should have been more specific in that line. What I meant was that for the large majority of users on major carriers (Verizon, ATT, Sprint, etc.) Jelly Bean updates still aren't available. But since the Nexus tablet isn't tied to a carrier, all updates are seamless. Fixing that line now. Thanks.

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