Could the iPad Be the Ultimate Car Accessory?



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They stole my idea! :) Don't forget who won the Dream iPad contest a few months ago with this very idea. I want royalties! :)



The reason it has netflix is probably the only reason Alpine hasnt made one?



I actually have had the padholdr installed in my tahoe for about 6 months and love it. I haven't had any problems with heat or glare, probably because it's not a fixed mount like the picture of the iPad installed in the dash. I don't use my factory radio at all anymore, since the iPad does it all and so much more. With the iPad having such a large screen it's much easier and safer to use compared to other navigation systems also. I just ordered a second kit for my wifes Lexus along with a headrest kit for our kids. I think the iPad is a great solution for being installed In the dashboard and I guarantee this is just the beginning.



Lol 4 iPads? Using iPad as portable DVD player is pretty awesome though. Just saying.



nobody will be focusing on the road... they will be focusing on the ipad... LOL can u imagine the accidents????



How does the iPad handle the extreme temperatures that the inside of a car can reach?


Abe froman

You can't see the iPad screen when it's sunny out and the iPad won't work in the summer heat. I'll pass on the dash install

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