Testing the New iPad's Battery Life



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No offense but this sounds creepy:

"So I recorded an hour of my son sleeping. Then I took 50 photos of him. Twenty-six percent. Then I went to sleep."



I'm getting about 10hrs on mine, wished I was getting 15hrs. I have my brightness on 75% and I stream video/audio plus game and surf the web. If I played video/audio that was already on my ipad I could probably hit 15hrs. My ipad does get warm (not enough to make it uncomfortable to hold) but it doesn't worry me much, I actually expected it to as I use to watch netflix on my Droid X and PS Vita and it would get warm. Plus I'm use to the heat laptops give off when placing it on your lap. Guess I'm saying there's not a device I've used that didn't get warm when I pushed it via streaming or gaming.



When I got my iPad and it took it out of the box it was at a 93% charge. I took to attempting to drain the battery as well to see how effective the new battery was and got a similar result! On a single charge I got over 15 hours with it, and even then as I was going to bed - and knew I wanted a fully charged iPad to play with the next morning - I still had 11% battery life as I began charging. I was amazed! Despite its more power hungry design I have gotten way more juice out of the new iPad than either of my previous ones. Quite impressive!



How long was the charging time? Was it warm or hot while playing games or watching video?


Michael Simon

It took 5 hours and 45 minutes to bring it from 0 to 100 percent. It got slightly warm after a couple hours of HBO streaming, but nothing that was alarming--not unlike an iPhone after a long Facetime session. Certainly nothing that prevented me from holding it.



You were dully impressed? How come you weren't dually impressed?


Michael Simon

Actually, I was so impressed, I added an extra "L" ... should be duly impressed. Thanks.

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