Why the Apple TV Trumps All Other Set Top Boxes



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I bought the new apple tv. I got a PS3 I normally use for a media hub, and a sony Bravia internet tv as well. Both are better on all accounts. The one thing I do like about the apple tv is I can access my iPhoto's. That's it I barely even turn it on. I don't have real fast internet so my PS3 just stomps the a tv into the ground picture quality wise. It's at least double. Like VHS to blu ray and I am not exaggerating. Not sure who's fault that is. Streaming is real slow on the a tv for everything. If I want to watch a hi def youtube it takes forever and its just not worth the wait. You almost go nuts waiting. I love the a tv's UI but dang if it isn't a slow one. It's just not worth waiting around for I would rather take and uglier UI and have instant high quality video streams.

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