Why There Will be a Second iPad mini with Retina Display



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So can people actually tell a difference and I'm the oddball out? I upgraded from an original iPhone to iPhone 4S and can't see a difference in the screen. I have played w/ the MacBook pros with retina display & don't see a difference nor on the iPads & ipad minis.



There will be no retina mini until there's an advance in battery technology. The size of the mini, the processor and the screen resolution were all chosen with battery life in mind. Unless Apple decides the 10- hour life is not mandatory, no retina, which sucks up way more power than the current screen.



Sorry Minz, but for people that have actually been using Retina, going back to anything else is like going from HD television back to standard definition television. I don't even use my standard definition channels on my TV anymore.



ARRRRRGGG Would everyone give the Retina Display a rest. It only causes Apps to Hog more memory. I am not impressed with Retina Display! The 1024x768 screen is NOT a drawback. I have NOT seen any real reason why my Retina Display computers Ipad, Ipod, Touch Etc are any Better than My older ones. PS the iPod Touch W I D E screen is (it is awkward to use) becoming more and more of something worse than my iPod Touch v 2, 3 or 4
More memory is more a Processor HOG. I plan to get a iPad Mini before Cmas.

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