Apple Announces Leopard Release Date, The 10-Year Comeback, and Greenpeace Backpedals

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Apple Announces Leopard Release Date, The 10-Year Comeback, and Greenpeace Backpedals


Leopard's coming: Mark your iCal, the Leopard release date is officially October 26. Sporting over 300 new features, the latest feline incarnation of OS X is available for pre-order in the Apple Store for $129.


If you are unsure if you Mac can handle Leopard, check out the minimum specs.


• Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (867MHz or faster) processor
• 512MB of memory
• DVD drive for installation
• 9GB of available disk space


In addition to the above specs, Time Machine, Apple's backup solution, requires an additional hard drive.


The 10-year comeback: 10 years ago we remember reading an article in Wired outlining 101 ways to save Apple. There really should have only been one item on that list: let Jobs run the show. 10 years later, Wired revisits that story and showcases major events in Apple's return from the brink.


Greenpeace backpedal: Yesterday, Greenpeace had declared the iPhone public enemy number one. Today, not so much. After admitting that the product meets both Apple's pledge on the use of certain hazardous materials and the European Reduction of Hazardous Substances, the environmental group has tofu-based egg substitute on its face.


Woz on his mind: Apple cofounder and Segway enthusiast Steve Wozniak gave BCS an interview about IT and answered possibly the most important question he's ever been asked. Geek or nerd?


Woz: "I would call myself a nerd, and a bit when I was growing up I would say geek."


Live Free or Die... wait a second: In another sign that the entertainment industry hasn't set foot outside their studios in years, the release of the DVD for "Life Free or Die Hard" will include a digital video file that can be played on a computer and select portable video players. Bet you can't guess which video player is left out of the mix? Instead of going with the most prolific media device in the market, the studio went with Microsoft's PlayForSure.


DRM-Free for lower fee: Apple is expected to lower its price for DRM-free music to $.99. Amazon's DRM-free music store is cited as a possible reason for the rumored price drop. Word on the price drop is expected today.



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Greenpeace should be held to task for international defamation in a court of law.



Greenpeace backpedals. A small start on a long road backwards. A bit late after the international libeling that was done. Just another example of recklessness.


Michael Dunlop

I really think the new dock is sweet (although I haven't used it yet) but there is one thing I just realized. The icons on the dock come up out of the "Dock" itself! It looks really nice but how will it look when there are large windows open? In Safari windows will only expand down to meet the top of the dock and no further. I think it will look kind of weird having the windows come down to meet the icons themselves with no horizontal line to meet up with.
Also, how do we distinguish if an app is running or not since there are no arrows??? The web site says something about casting a "Deeper Shadow" but I didn't see any illustration of this. Either that or I just couldn't tell the difference! what was wrong with the arrows? A deeper shadow would be cool as long as it is VERY APPARENT.

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