Apple Announces Release of Potential iBrick Update, Office Announcements and TV on the iPhone and iPod touch

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Apple Announces Release of Potential iBrick Update, Office Announcements and TV on the iPhone and iPod touch


Apple rings hacker alarm: Apple has announced that a firmware update for the iPhone, due by the end of the week, could render the phone "permanently inoperable" if it has been hacked or unlocked. Apple stated, "Apple has discovered that many of the unauthorized iPhone unlocking programs available on the Internet cause irreparable damage to the iPhone's software, which will likely result in the modified iPhone becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed."


Those who have unlocked their iPhone might want to check out the iPhone Dev Team's procedure to re-lock the device due out within the next week. For now, if you have altered you iPhone in any way the best advice we can give is wait and see and do not update your iPhone.


The good news is that the update will add the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store to the iPhone. Users will be able to purchase music from the device anywhere they can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.


Microsoft Office announced: Microsoft it will release 3 versions of Office 2008 for the Mac in January. A student version will retail for $150, a pro version for $400 and the $500 Special Media Edition which will include Expression Media, a program designed to organize photos, video and other digital files.


OpenOffice security flaw: Security experts have discovered a flaw in OpenOffice version 2.0.4 and earlier that will allow insidious TIFF files to execute malicious code on the users computer.


EyeTV eyes iPhone: Elgato systems has released an update to it's EyeTV software that allows you to watch your recorded television shows on the iPhone or iPod touch over a local Wi-Fi network. We'd like to see a tunneling program that will allow you watch your shows alá Slingbox, but with the state of iPhone hacks, we're happy with what we got.


Speaking of Slingbox: Sling Media announced that it will be purchased by EchoStar for $380 million. The Dish pay-TV network should acquire the maker of the Slingbox and SlingPlayer by years end.


And finally: Google's plan to release the private information of Dylan Stephen Jayne was thwarted by Mr. Jayne when he filed suit against the company seeking $5 billion. According to Jayne's handwritten complaint, when his social security number is turned upside down it is a scrambled code that spells the name Google. Fortunately for Google, Mr. Jayne is willing to accept a payment plan of $250,00 for the first payment with the balance due on the second.



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It's not funny, and it's somewhat insulting to those of us who really like our iPhones (which is clearly MOST of us).

Poor taste.


Gary kalogeros

I love my iPhone! Works wonderfully- sounds like you have a brickhead for an editor!



You really can't be serious to get p1ssed off at MacLife for calling the iPhone a potential iBrick, can you? I'm a very happy iPhone owner, since day one (OK, please don't start with the price drop jeers.). I couldn't care less what someone calls my iPhone as long as I'm happy with it. As another poster said very well "'s only a phone".

Get real!


Roberto Baldwin

The iBrick comment was meant as the result of what could happen to iPhones that have been hacked or unlocked when the firmware update is applied. Hence, "potential iBrick update."





I think it is very funny, considering I call my G3 LG phone a piece of *#%@!
Lighten up folks, its just a phone!

Waiting for the second coming to buy.



the sound of the "ibrick" joke flying over the orignal poster's head. . .

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