Apple Beats Wal-Mart, iPhone PwnageTool Released and No 64-bit Photoshop for Mac

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Apple Beats Wal-Mart, iPhone PwnageTool Released and No 64-bit Photoshop for Mac


Top of the charts: Ars Technica was leaked an internal Apple email claiming the company has surpassed Wal-Mart and became the number one music retailer in January. Apple became the number two music retailer in December. Apple's rise is attributed to growing online music purchases and holiday gift cards.


No 64-bit for you: Adobe announced that Photoshop CS4 will only support 64-bit on the Windows platform. Adobe cites Apple's 64-bit roadmap change at the 2007 WWDC. In 2006 Apple announced 64-bit support for applications written in Carbon, in 2007 they reversed that decision. Adobe claims that approximately 1 million lines of code will have to rewritten to port the software to Cocoa.


Quicktime update plugs holes: Apple has released an update for Quicktime. The update addresses several security issues with the software.


Das Deal: T-Mobile Germany is rumored to be slashing the price of the 8GB iPhone to 99 Euros. The discount is rumored to help clear out inventory as Apple phases out the 8GB iPhone.


MySpace Music: Social networking site MySpace, is set to reveal MySpace Music to compete with the iTunes Store. The service will sell music, ringtones, videos, merchandise and concert tickets.



Apple vs. Apple: The city of New York has unveiled a new logo that has Apple Inc. loading up the lawyer cannon. Apple states the logo will" seriously injure the reputation which [Apple] has established for its goods and services." Check out the logo for yourself and sound off in the comments below.


ZOMG PWNAGE HAXOR: The iPhone DevTeam has released the OS X version of their PwnageTool. L33t iPhone users can download the tool here.




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mark Price

NY should go for 2 apples - so good they logo'd it twice :)



I'm not sure how else you'd represent "The Big Apple" without using some sort of apple in your logo. Obviously they can't take a bite out of the side. If you leave off the leaf, all you've got is a misshapen heart or something.


Mike T.

Although the apple does have some similarity to Apple's logo with the leaf and all, it is sufficiently different in look not to be a problem for Apple. I mean it has an orange outline. Hmm, an orange Apple?



Basically ugly.
Q.So why should Apple use it's lawyers?
A. So they can make a statement, so that the next iteration of this logo that more closely approximates (our) Apple logo, can be met with serious litigations for infringment.

Lawyering up makes the protest formal. Beyond making a protest, and putting New York on notice that this is a protected design, this is just frivolous litigation.

Remember the old Beattle's recording company, "Apple."



First of all, nobody should really get that upset over 64-bit applications not coming to the Mac. I read in an article on Appleinsider (which really does their homework compared to MacLife magazine! *HINT*) that 64-bit applications, according to Adobe, only run about 8 to 12 percent more than their 32-bit counterparts. That's only about 200 megahertz on a 2GHz computer. It's like speeding through traffic instead of going the speed limit. Neither way will get you there faster when your late, and neither CS3 nor CS4 will improve your work based on speed alone.

Apple is also making a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to NYC's new logo. Everyone knows that Apple's logo has a bite in the right side and is completely solid. Plus, the leaf points to the right and not the left like this logo.

I think that the world, as a whole, would be better off if we did not sensationalize the small things, the Apple company and its followers included.



That big apple logo is ulgy anyway. That will never catch on.



That doesn't look like an Apple Inc. logo....I think Apple's over-reacting.


(originaly) kustom

(this was posted on the site linked to and i thought it was interesting)

The point isn't whether NYC's environmental campaign is good or not, or whether Apple would want to part of it. What the article failed to note, unfortunately, is that not defending the trademark could lead to losing the trademark. Familiar with escalator? That used to be a trademark. The owners didn't do anything about the loose use of the word to describe escalators not made by them, and, eventually, lost the trademark. The cost of a trademark isn't in the filing ($375), but in the defending of the trademark in actions like this one. What Apple seeks is a court ruling, either way, that ensures its trademark has not been infringed upon.



So Apple thinks the Big Apple shouldn't use an Apple for it's logo? Please. The logo as shown, other than being . . . an apple . . . isn't looking like an obvious rip to me, and I'm sure most Apple lovers or even those remotely aware will not confuse the two logos. Now, if there was a bite out of it . . . oh, nevermind! :)



so the argument being that apple has the sole rights to use the image of an apple in their logo? seems a tad over-reaching ...


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