Apple Buys P.A. Semi, iTunes Plus in Limbo and Teens Want Apples

Apple Buys P.A. Semi, iTunes Plus in Limbo and Teens Want Apples


Steve Jobs spends Apple cash: Apple has agreed to buy boutique microprocessor design company P.A. Semi. The purchase may help keep Apple’s iPhones and iPods ahead of the competition. Good news for Apple, not so much for Intel.


iTunes Plus in Limbo: Are major records labels freezing Apple out of the potentially lucrative DRM-free MP3 market? Labels may be holding back DRM-free iTunes Plus tracks to keep Apple from dominating online music sales. Hey, the major labels are just looking out for the consumer. Right?


Teens want Apple:'s Jim Cramer said his daughter opened his eyes to the hypnotic power of Apple products as fashion accessories and status symbols. Cramer explains why Apple Macs are computers for today's teens. You know, it's only hip until their highly-animated parents catch on.


Belgium to get iPhone: claims the unlocked Apple 3G iPhone will soon be sold in Belgium. Still no love for Canada.


Open-Source CHDK Firmware for Canon Cameras: Turbo boost your point-and-shoot camera with powers and features only available on DSLR cameras costing thousands of dollars.


Go Green! Al Gore will thank you: Check out the solar power lounge table by Intelligent Forms that can recharge your Apple products. Now you don’t have to feel guilty about all the iPods you have.




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