Apple Celebrates a Record-Setting Quarter, Hints at "Product Transitions"

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Apple Celebrates a Record-Setting Quarter, Hints at "Product Transitions"

Apple's results are rosy: The results are in, and Apple shipped 1,764,000 Macs in Q3 2007, which is a 33 percent increase over Q3 2006, and also beats Apple's previous record for quarterly Mac shipments by more than 150,000, according to the company press release. Apple Stores sold 330,000 Macs during the quarter, half of those to customers new to the Mac OS. That's impressive news, but according to BusinessWeek, "the more important accomplishment of the quarter may be the bottom line." Quarterly profits soared to $818 million, compared to $472 million in Q3 2006. Here's a great summary of the all the numbers.


As for iPhone results, Apple reported selling 270,000 by the end of June 30. Computerworld points out that this means that activation problems could have affected almost half of the total number sold, since AT&T reported activating 146,000 iPhones. (But we don't think it could possibly be that high -- people bought two, porting an old phone number can take a couple days, online sales, etc.) Still, even just the 146,000 that were activated in those 30 hours are more than the average number of iPods sold in each of its first seven quarters. In the conference call, Steve Jobs predicted that 1 million iPhones would be sold by the end of the current quarter. And here's an interesting theory: iPhone users should root for lousy iPhone sales numbers, so Apple will update the iPhone quicker. (And then we'll all have to buy a new one? Yikes.)


So what's in store for the future? During the conference call, CFO Peter Oppenheimer said that the next quarter would bring "some product transitions." We hope he's talking about not just hardware, but an updated iLife suite too, to go along with the release of Leopard. (Speaking of which, developers are getting a new build of the Leopard beta.) But it's no fun to mention product transitions without adding a rumor or two to snack on. How 'bout an iPod rumor? "Sources report" to Think Secret that the next full-size iPod could be out by mid August, but it won't have a touchscreen or iPhone-like version of OS X. But as bland as that rumor may seem, Gizmodo still doesn't believe it.


Elsewhere: Speaking of the future, Sprint and Google are developing a Internet portal to use on Sprint's planned WiMax network, which the company plans to start testing by year's end in Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington. Attendees of the upcoming Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco will all get iPhones, but not just as a fun freebie. They'll be able to use the phones to exchange contact info with exhibitors or other attendees, and to give real-time feedback and ask questions during presentations. (And hopefully to prank-call Starbucks for giggles too.)



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