Apple Drops NBC Shows, Mac Marketshare Up, German iPhone Ruling Delayed

Apple Drops NBC Shows, Mac Marketshare Up, German iPhone Ruling Delayed


Apple drops NBC shows: NBC's contract with Apple has expired and Apple has withdrawn NBC-distributed shows such as Heroes and The Office, as well as shows from Bravo, USA Networks, and the Sci-Fi channel. Some shows, such as Chuck and Journeyman, air on NBC but are not produced by NBC, so they're still on iTunes.


Fox films coming to iTunes: An analyst says that 20th Century Fox is in negoitations with Apple to sell movies through iTunes. Perhaps there will be an official annoucement at Mac Expo in January 2008.


Mac marketshare up: A survey says that Apple's share of the operating system market is now at 6.81 percent, up from 6.61 percent in October. 3.59 percent of the market uses Intel Macs, while 3.22 percent are using Power PC.


German iPhone ruling delayed: The Hamburg District Court that was supposed to rule on the T-Mobile/Vodafone case today says it will have a ruling tomorrow. Vodafone says that the iPhone/T-Mobile exclusivity is unlawful under German law.


Another Apple lawsuit: Apple is being sued by Klausner Technologies over the visual voicemail feature in the iPhone.


China Mobile still talking iPhone: Reports of that the talks between China Mobile and Apple are dead are incorrect. China Mobile is still working with Apple to bring the iPhone over the Great Wall.


Pepsi offers free MP3: Pepsi and Amazon announced a promotion where they'll give away a free MP3 track after you collect five song codes from Pepsi bottle caps. Let the gut rot begin!


Jobs to speak at Mac Expo: In case you had any doubt, Steve Jobs will deliver the keynote at Mac Expo in January.




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What is wrong with you guys. Why do you have a Sony Vaio advertisement on your website? This is MacLife not MacSellOut.



The editors for Maclife aren't responsible for the ads on the site, so don't complain to them. Maclife is owned by Future, and it's their decision to have ads or not. If you have a problem, send an email to them. Also, if you've taken a journalism class before, ads are the most important item in any newspaper, magazine, or even website. It's what keeps prices down/free.

If the ads really bug you that much, get Firefox and use Adblock plus. I do, and I don't see the Vaio ads (or any other ads).



Viagra isn't responsible for the spam I get either. Or so they say. Wanna guess what kind of light constant spam regarding E.D. medications casts upon those products in my mind? There's a way to advertise with class, and then there are forced whole page ads, pop-up windows, screaming sales pitches on the radio and television and spam. I can promise you that I for one will never buy anything from someone resorting to these behaviors, and I hope nobody else does either. And just because you can jump through yet another hoop to rid yourself of yet another scourge, that doesn't not make it OK.

Somehow I can go to hundreds of sites each day that do not resort to these means. I guess perhaps they have some control/responsibility over their own site.



I was floored when I saw Sony Vaio ads in the magazine itself. Advertising a PC is contrary to Mac life, as Mac OS does not run on PCs! What this really comes down to is the mighty greenback; "We'll sell ad space to to anyone"



I'd definetly like to have a look at these patents. The idea of video voicemail has been around since before the Twilight Zone, so the fact that they've managed to uphold them before disturbs me even more. Is this just more ignorance of the courts on technology?



Submitted for your approval. A place not of sight and sound, but of video voicemail. Next stop, the iPhone.

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