Apple Frowns on Fraud, Penryn Coming to Mac Pro, and More

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Apple Frowns on Fraud, Penryn Coming to Mac Pro, and More

Call the Fraud Squad: Insanely Great Mac and Ars Technica have as-yet-unconfirmed reports that 800 Apple Store employees have been fired for defrauding the company. See, every Apple employee, including the Retail Store drones from Sector 7G, were given iPhones upon their release. And then when Apple offered those $100 store credits to people who'd purchased an iPhone before the whole price drop brouhaha, these ethically loose employees applied for and received the credit, thus biting at the hand that fed them their free iPhone in the first place. And then they got canned for it. You know, allegedly.


On to "real" news, like Leopard: Are you wondering whether Leopard will even have these so-called top-secret features? You're not alone. Apple, however, has posted a list of "300+ new features," and the blog at weeded through it for 16 cool little-known gems. ZDNet also analyzes the memory-randomization technology that Apple lists as a security enhancement. You recall that yesterday we told you that Leopard is being sold for $109 at Amazon, a $20 discount, and today we can add that if you buy Leopard together with Parallels, you save another $20. (You could subscribe to Mac|Life!)


Apple's growing: IDC and Gartner both released third-quarter 2007 computer industry numbers. IDC says that Apple's U.S. market share is up to 5.9 percent, which is a 15.9 percent increase from the third quarter of 2006. But Gartner puts Apple's market share at 8.1 percent, a whopping 37.2 percent growth over Q3 2006.


In hardware news: According to "people familiar with the matter," Mac Pro workstations will receive Penryn chips as soon as Intel can start delivering them in quantity. That could be as early as November, but almost certainly in time for January's Mac Expo. has a list of 25 hacks and plug-ins for the Apple TV. Here's a cool piece about how Mac users and Mac technology helped out in the immediate aftermath of the October 17, 1989, Loma Prieta earthquake. And Skype plans to launch a cell phone this month in Britain, Italy, Hong Kong, and Australia. But currently there are no plans to bring it to North America.


And finally: You can hear's lolcat-lovin' Web ninja Robbie Baldwin interviewed on MacVoices #797. So awsum!



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Lucky SOBs that got a free IPHONE just to turn around and cheat the company. Grrrr

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