Apple Ignoring Security Issue? Plus Geotagging on the iPhone, Psystar Updates, and More

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Apple Ignoring Security Issue? Plus Geotagging on the iPhone, Psystar Updates, and More


What, Me, Insecure? A trio of stories today about security: has released a statement asking Apple to address flaws in Safari that could be exploited by hackers. Apple has so far refused to admit it's a security issue. Elsewhere, Core Security Technologies publically detailed three bugs in iCal after Apple said it only considered one of them a security threat. We hope Apple is readying patches for these, but if so...why won't they just say so? And also, watch out for phishing emails that claim to be from the iTunes Store.


iPhone-a-palooza: The latest beta of the iPhone 2.0 software lets you geotag your photos, or record metadata on their geographical location. Analysts think the new iPhone hardware will be a big seller for Apple. And refurbished iPhones might still have the previous user's data on them, which could be accessed by forensic data-recovery methods—hopefully the new software update will make a complete, secure (there's that word again) data wipe easy to do.


In Product News: Psystar released a bunch of "safe updates" for its Open Computer and OpenPro Computer clones running Mac OS X. There's a new add-on for Firefox 3. MacNewsWorld rounds up gear for integrating your iPod and your car stereo. And Forrester Research predicts in its "The Future of Apple" report that by 2013, Apple products will serve as the hub to a complete digital home.


Oops: Some poor guy got two F10 keys on his MacBook Air. Hope he didn't want to turn the volume down with that F11 key.



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Hey guys, the other day you had a link to a "save trees" offer for a digital version of the mag...where is it now??? If I click on the subscribe link, it only gives me the option for both the print and digital versions.

What gives!? I wanna save a tree!



Nice to see that the ads for the digital version are more prominent in the page.

I've already ordered my subscription!

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