Apple Introduces "Find out how," O2 Lowers iPhone Tariffs, and PBS Added to iTunes U

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Apple Introduces "Find out how," O2 Lowers iPhone Tariffs, and PBS Added to iTunes U


Find out how: Apple has posted comprehensive how-to videos on their site. The videos cover OS X, Photos, Movies, Web, Music and Documents. The videos can be downloaded directly to iTunes and then transfered to your iPod so you can learn the riveting details of starting a new spreadsheet on the go.


iPhone UK tariff break: iPhone plans in the UK are being updated by mobile carrier O2 in order to lure new customers. The lowest monthly plan, £35 ($70), will now include three times as many minutes and over double the text messages. Other plans will receive a price break. Customers who have already purchased the iPhone will have their plans adjusted accordingly.


Knowledge is power: iTunes U has added PBS to its growing list of education content. Content from PBS stations KQED (San Francisco), WETA (WAshington, DC), WGBH (Boston) and WNET (New York), include clips on science, geography, the Ken Burns documentary, War and many more.


Another price cut?: In order to reach its goal of 10 million iPhones sold within the first year, some analysts believe Apple needs to drop the price of the mobile device again. We would rather see rev. 2 of the iPhone before year one is up. That would sell at least three more iPhones here at Mac|Life.



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