Apple iPhone SDK Developer Update

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Apple iPhone SDK Developer Update


Today, on March 18, 2008, Apple has sent out another mass emailing that applies to the iPhone developer program which states:


In addition to the rich set of resources currently available to you in the iPhone Dev Center, we've just added new resources to power your development as you create world-class mobile applications with the iPhone SDK.


Thank you again for applying to the iPhone Developer Program. We’re thrilled with the tremendous response we've received. We have many more requests than we can serve during this initial beta period, so we must limit the Program at this time. We plan to expand it during the beta period, and we will contact you regarding your enrollment status at the appropriate time. We appreciate your patience.


The same information is also appearing on the iPhone developer website under the heading “Already applied to the Program?”


This follows a previous email which many saw as a rejection letter. The above also indicates that there are new resources available and so far I’m not aware of any specifically newly added features, but regardless there is still a lot to go through. Apple did a fine job there.


In the meantime, many of us, myself included, would still like to know the criteria for acceptance into the program. However, that may not matter because the above still implies that 1) Apple has received more requests than it can handle and 2) probably has enough commercial developers selected to fulfill their need for beta testers. The remainder of us will have to either be happy with using the SDK as is with only the simulator, or find an alternative to the iTunes App store.


If you, or anyone else you know, has been accepted into this program, Individual or Corporate, we would like to know about it.


Leave your reactions to this current situation below, or contact community blogger, David Martin at




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