Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch

The iPod touch is primarily a media player. Everything else is gravy.


In our first look at the iPod touch last month (Nov/07, p68), we said that it’s basically a phoneless iPhone. It turns out that the iPod touch is even less than a phoneless iPhone. But if you want a media player first and an Internet device a distant second, the touch offers a satisfying experience.


The only major difference in the multi-touch interface between the iPod touch and the iPhone is the Home screen. The touch doesn’t have as many apps as the iPhone (we’ll talk more about that in a minute), but the basic Home interface is the same. The onscreen keyboard remains unchanged, and newcomers to the touchscreen interface will need practice to master typing on it.


Soon after the iPod touch hit the market, reports of poor LCD image quality popped up all over the Internet. We tested the touch after the iPod touch 1.1.1 update was released. With the updates installed on both the iPhone and the iPod touch, we noticed that movie playback and photo quality looked a bit washed out on the touch compared to the same images on the iPhone. It’s not a dramatic difference, but a noticeable one - even the black background on the Home screen looks deeper on the iPhone than it does on the iPod touch.


When it came to audio quality, we couldn’t tell the difference between the iPod touch and the iPhone. The touch produced full midtones, nice highs, and good bass with the bundled earbuds. A volume control on the device itself (like a thumbwheel or a switch) is missing, which means you have to go into the touch interface to adjust the volume, and the process can take several steps.


We had no problems shopping at the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, and our purchases downloaded at a snappy pace. Web access over Wi-Fi went without a hitch and feels just as fast as it does on the iPhone.


Apple says you should get about 5 hours of battery life when watching video and 22 hours when you’re just listening to music. Our test results were short of those specifications, but not disappointing. We got 4 hours and 2 minutes for video, and just over 21 hours for audio.


Now we’ll tell you why you’ll want to pass on the iPod touch if you’re still waffling: Several key iPhone features aren’t on the iPod touch. There’s no email client, and no Weather, Stocks, or Google Maps apps - sure, there are Web-based alternatives, but it’s the one-touch access we want. And you can’t edit your Calendar. To those folks who say that the touch isn’t an iPhone but rather an iPod, we hear you and agree. But the iPod touch is also a Wi-Fi Internet device (though mostly for buying songs from the iTunes Store), and so the fact that it doesn’t have these functions means the Internet experience is incomplete.


The bottom line. As a media player, the iPod touch won’t disappoint you, but when you hold one in your hands, it’s hard not to think that the device could’ve offered more. Perhaps Apple will add new features with software updates.


PRICE: $299 (8GB), $399 (16GB)

REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.4.10 or later, iTunes 7.4 or later, USB
Nice screen. Innovative interface. Access to iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store.
Can’t edit calendar. No volume control on device. No games. No email. Missing some apps found on the iPhone. Reports of display problems with early-shipping units.





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iPod Touch Guy

The new iPod touch 32 gb models come with the maps, weather, stocks, etc.



You right 100%


Evangelos Karageoras

Come on, where do you live? You can just jailbreak this thing and install ALL of the missing applications (Stocks,Weather,Notes,E-Mail) from the iPhone. And not only that, this post is OLD,because 1.1.2 offers some new features and corrects some bugs. One of them is CALENDAR EDITING. So almost EVERYTHING that you say on your article is pointless. And for everyone who is concerned about the Warranty,I'm gonna say this. If you jailbreak your iPod Touch, you simply don't void your warranty,because you can restore it anytime, anywhere. You just hold Home & Sleep buttons for a few seconds and it goes into recovery mode, from where you can restore it in Factory-like condition. So, there is no fear for the newbies here!!!



Email? - yes
Maps? - yes
Notes? - yes
Weather? - yes
IM? - yes
Stocks? - yes
iRadio? - yes

Boy you call yourselves geeks! Come on, it is so simple to get these apps on the iTouch. What a bogus and misleading review!



By the time you read this comment, Apple will have added the ability to add and edit calendar events. What I really like is the interface; this is probably the only "PDA" that can be used with one hand.



I think that if you just want an iPod, then get the iPod Classic, and if you want the touch screen , then get the iPhone. there's no point in goin in between. in other words, the touch is just a gimmic for people who can't afford a iPhone or service



I just got mine for my birthday. Short of having a bit of difficulty getting iTunes to see it, it has been a joy. The picture is beautiful and it is easy to use. I find it funny that people complain about not having "one touch access" which is basically a way of saying that we are too lazy to do it any other way. Also, complaints about the hard drive space is kind of silly as well. Who feels the need to have a thousand songs or 10 movies on their touch. I guess it resorts back to the fact that in society today, we want quick and easy solutions and the mere though of having to do anything above and beyond that is unacceptable. I check my email on the web, I can do that with the touch. Google maps? I can look at a real one. Weather? well, internet or just taking a look outside accomplishes that task. Stocks? If they are that important to you, I doubt you would be spending your time on the iPod Touch. Feel free to berate me if you must and I admit my frustration with the touch when I couldn't get it to connect with iTunes, but overall I would have to disagree with your review.



Roman, you pretty much trash the device, summarize by saying it's got a lot of growing to do, but you still give it four blocks and call it "great?" The rating meter is losing a little credibility here.

Personally, I think the primary fault with the device is its storage size. 8-16 GB? Give me a break. I'll plunk now nearly the same money and at least get PHONE service with an iPhone.

Now, if Apple had been sane and put in a small, low-power hard drive (on the order of 32-64 GB), now THAT would be a tough device to beat. Sure, it MIGHT put a hit on the battery performance, but at least most people could move most of their media onto the device. I'm really not a bit music collector and have almost NO video, and still I'd feel cramped by the measly storage footprint the touch provides.



Wow, I absolutely LOVE my touch.

Not sure what your agenda is against it, but from misleading headlines (last weekend's "lifeline" error) to poor reviews, you've really got it in for this revolutionary device.

The touch will sell like mad, bot here and abroad.

Go Apple!



I wouldn't mind having an iPod touch. Mainly seeing that picture with the movie Akira on it. Shame it's not the widescreen version though. It's a great movie.

I think those that don't want an iPhone but what an iPod that has touch capabilities will get an iPod touch if they can afford to do so. It's not always a question of what it's lacking but I believe in this case a question of what it offers. It's not an iPhone so why would you want to edit your calender events. That's an iPhone feature because the iPhone has a lot of appeal to the business folks. Like the ones that have blackberrys but hate them. The one's that use Mac OS X and want to have some what of a mini computer with them for those unexpected change in plans. So they edit their calender.

That's my view on it. I don't think an iPod touch falls short of anything. It's not the "communicator" that the iPhone is.



I completely agree with the first poster.

It would be crazy to think that when the SDK is released in February, people won't create iChat and Mail lookalikes thus making it more of a iPod AND an internet communication device. Granted, the Mail application may not be as well thought-out and otherwise put together, but it will work quite well. The iChat wanna-be will slaughter the SMS feature that is found on the iPhone. After all, I use iChat on my Mac for 90% of my text messages because they are easier [to type] and infinitely free.

Other than those few will-be-solved-in-the-near-future problems, I am actually rather impressed with the iPod Touch [moreso than the iPhone because of it's somewhat lame plans]. I do have to wonder about the screen though...


Steven Lubkowski

But what about when 3rd party apps start coming out after Feb? I think that'll add a whole ton of worth to the touch.

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